Do you believe in the After Life or another dimension?
I believe after a loss of a love one you reach for anything that assures you that they are safe and happy.
After the loss of my son Paul and my Father within two months of each other in 2011, my belief became stronger after experiencing “Signs” of their presence. I guess it helps you get through the shock of losing a loved one.
Here’s something I found on Facebook that’s Fun and Amusing. Give it a try and share your results in the comment section.


Here are some photos of “Orbs” that I took over our pond in the back yard. My Son and Father watching over me? 🙂 I can only believe.

My Son? :)

My Son? 🙂

My Dad with Flare :)

My Dad with Flare 🙂


  • I got: White Lady.


  • I didn’t like most of the answers but it picked me pretty well. So my afterlife is going to be the same as my before life? OK. The only part that is wrong; I never say LOL. FTW, and rofflemoe but never LOL.

    You got: Poltergeist
    You will basically become (or, likely, continue to be) an enormous pain in the ass. You will turn over tables for no reason. You will bang on the walls and flip the lights on and off and turn the water on in the kitchen in the middle of the night. “LOL,” you’ll say. You consider these things to be very funny pranks. You will have endless time with which to reconsider your definition of both “prank” and “funny,” but you never will.


  • I’ll be the white lady ~


  • I didnt believe until I lost my grandmother years ago. I cant explain it, but I just KNEW she was still going strong and it was just her physical body that left…not her. Before that, I thought death meant lights out. So this “aha” moment was huge for me..if people don’t really “die”, then everything I was taught about that was wrong…and what ELSE don’t I know lol?? Anyway, Paul…I can tell you with 100% certainty your father and and son are “alive” and well somehow, somewhere. Much love!!


  • Paul,
    They never truly left you is why and their presence will always be in the wind brushing by you and their are many other ways they will touch your and their presence witll be felt!

    Thanks for sharing this Paul it means a lot to me lost mu older brother in 2010 he was a year older than me…
    Dave & Kim

    I’ll See You Again Lyrics Westlife


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