• Hahaha love the helpful, informative video updates….thank you for those… and the Bitstrips for added fun here…
    …..and I am SO GLAD we might get more snowww love it. I LOVE THE SNOW! I’m probably the only one here in Cape Ann that does? lol… I’m also hearing of another storm we may get next week Wed. into Thursday blast it baby. Maybe the last few to kick us into Spring. How fun


    • Lol oh will blast it lol .. Reporting in it from GHB .. Come down and film with us if it comes to fruition .. Thanks again Sarah for the kind words 🙂 u RocK!


      • I just LOVE your weather video’s. keep them commin’!!!!!!! Hey we still have the summah storms to get through too those wild thunderstorm stuffs. Bring it on lol… so I’m lookin’ forward to all your video casts then too. 🙂


        • Lol sounds good . Yes I love summer “Thunder” and Tropical Season 🙂 again if u can brave the elements with us will be out covering storm next week ! he he 🙂


  • The weekend sounds good, but the Greenland Block concerns me, too.


  • Keep pushing the weather -Do you remember this one? I wish it was in color when I first saw it in Lanesville but we still had the black and white…:-) That’s why I like the toons so much…Classic 1966 here (Al Sleet) George Carlin -Ed Sullivan Show Enjoy –
    George Carlin “Hippy Dippy Weatherman”


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