Ocean Alliance and Seven Seas Whale Watch form a partnership

From Amy Kerr;       Screen-Shot-2014-02-26-at-9_01_57-AM

I’m working with Heather Lee to get the word out about Ocean Alliance’s new partnership with 7 Seas Whale Watch beginning this spring. The goal is to join forces in educating the public, not only about the humpbacks that 7 Seas knows so well, but also about the ocean pollution we study. We’re all really excited about working together for the first time and wanted to get the word out as the whale watching season approaches. Here is the announcement we posted http://www.whale.org/ocean-alliance-forms-partnership-7-seas-whale-watch/.
We were wondering if you could help us post it on GMG?
Thanks for all your help and support!!


  • Thanks Paul – saw a few in the days past 🙂


    • Thanks, Dave;
      Ocean Alliance is trying to make a difference peacefully by Researching and Educating people.
      I didn’t agree at first with Sea Sheppard’s methods of dealing with the Japanese “REASEARCH” Whaling Ships. After seeing The dolphin slaughter recently in Japan It’s Changed.


  • Yes it has…now they are going after the shark fins which is also working. I was brought up you catch it or kill it you eat it…I watched a native friend relocate a very large western Diamond back rattler that was handing around where some kids where playing at the creek. People would say why didn’t her just kill it but everythhing has a purpores in the circle and reason (Natural balance) rodents, etc in the food chain! Keep up the good sork there Paul! Dave 🙂 Kim 🙂


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