• OK, tell us your story…the inspiration for the poll.


  • Nichole Schrafft

    Hands down the cranky and albeit annoying toddler who doesn’t know better than the yucky hacking grown-up who should have better manners.


  • Ask for relocation – if possible? And how long of flight – I got some horror stories from flights to and from states when we took the non-direct Korea-Japan-Alaska-USA only to get off in the states and have the issues follow on your continuation…:-O


  • 2 year old. they don’t know better


  • Hands down, the 2 yr old.
    Forget the hacking smoker.


  • Depends on whether I was coming or going. If I was going on vacation a toddler is the last person I would sit near. A viral and bacterial cesspool who has collected every germ in the airport and airplane ready to infect you. Coming back from vacation catching a cold is less painful.

    But I would probably take the hacker either way. He might pass out and I could roll him under the seat for more room.


  • I’d take the hacker…..headphones cranked up to 11 to drown it out…..


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