GMG FOB Dave Moore Shares A Beautiful St. Joseph Prayer Song


St Joe

Huge GMG FOB Dave Moore writes~Dedication for all!
That’s great smile dedicated this to you and entire group the love and gift of sharing – Where we find solace

God Bless!

Dave &  Kim

Sista Felicia ~  Dave attached a YouTube video about The Feast Of St.  After watching it several times last night, I knew I had to share it with the GMG community today. Take a moment to read the  beautiful story about the miraculous ways of St. Joseph’s. It brought tears to my eyes, and the Prayer of St Joseph, sung by Angelina song will be added to our St. Joseph prayer/song books this year.

Prayer of St Joseph, sung by Angelina

For Story about Video and copy of The Pray Of St. Joseph  written in Sicilian taken from the pages of our St. Joseph Novena Prayer book click see more Credit for writing below was copied from video link:

Prayer of St Joseph, sung by Angelina
By Angelinasings Mar 18, 2009
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Age- 15, from the CD/DVD “Songs of the
Faithful” -Remarkable true story- We had already been filming on locations for
two weeks. Angelina and the director, Manuel with a film crew and us standing by
sometimes 12- 14 hour days. It was in the middle of summer in Rome and it was
HOT! We were all weary from the pace we had been keeping to get this project
finished within the 3 week period. I kept asking the director, when are we going
to begin filming the music video for “Prayer of St. Joseph”? This was most
important to me, because I am Sicilian and I grew up in a family with great
devotion to St. Joseph. Back home in Mississippi, many altar societies go
through months of preparation of baking and cooking to set up altars of food in
honor of the great famine that happened in Sicily during the Middle Ages and the
people cried and prayed to St. Joseph their patron Saint for help. When the
famine ended, they were so thankful to St. Joseph that they made altars and
filled them with food from their harvest as thanksgiving. Angelina ancestors
brought this tradition over to the U.S. from Sicily and still today they spend
countless hours of making beautiful breads and food to distribute to the poor
and hungry.St. Joseph’s feast day is March 19.

Back to Rome- The
director, Manuel, was at his wit’s end for my constant asking him,” when?”. He
did not know of any Church in Rome that had a statue of St. Joseph where we
could possibly use as a backdrop for the song. Finally, he agreed tomorrow we
will begin shooting. He had no idea where, but promised. Susan Stein from
Heartbeat records was with us and she was writing the script that Angelina would
say before each shoot. That night, Susan stayed up as we all went to bed and
wrote the script. Then off to sleep she went. The next morning we all met very
early downstairs in the hotel and as I sat near Susan, she began to tell me of a
dream she had. The dream was of a beautiful garden near the hotel and that would
be the backdrop to the film. She asked the desk clerk if there was such a
garden. He smiled and in his thick Italian accent, he pointed across the street
and said there was a magnificent little garden behind the wall of a Monastery.
“Who lived there?”, she asked. “The Sisters of St. Joseph”, he replied. He then
said he could call over and get us permission to come over.

We all
gathered with cameras and script in hand only to walk across this street and
knock on a huge metal gate. The gate opened and we all gasped. A most beautiful
garden was before us complete with a St. Joseph statue holding the baby Jesus
and a stunning view of St. Peter’s Basilica in the background. The sisters were
most welcoming and even let us take their statue from inside, out to the garden
for effect. “Prayer of St. Joseph” turned out to be one of the Director’s
favorite video.

Today is his feast day and I find it most appropriate to
share it with you. Hope you enjoy! Thanking the Sister’s of St. Joseph once more
and Susan Stein for following her dreams and more importantly our faith to step
out when we did.

One last note, Angelina fell ill early in the day
mostly from exhaustion. We rushed her back across the street to the hotel and
let her sleep for a couple of hours and then made it back in time to film these
gorgeous shots at the the end of the day.

Dave thank you for sharing this with me last night, you truly touched my heart.  I can’t wait to hear all the ladies gathered around our family altar singing this beautiful song in “English” this year…  I’ll be thinking of you!

Below is the St. Joseph Prayer written in Sicilian we recite at the beginning of every night during our 9 day novena.

st joe prayer


  • beautiful, Dave is such a nice person


  • Thank you both! The foundation there is behind that family and friends! We all have the peaks and valleys I am just a messenger at times – And GMG is a place I can come to to find peace and spirtit in these trying times…:-) God Bless you and families! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂


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