• I hope all goes well at the doctor’s today with the very best possible outcome. xk


  • The Man with the Golden Gun…


  • Looks like a good boob job 🙂 thinking telling the story of the scar will be more fun than explaining the third nipple! I trust you will heal pain free and nicely by bathing suit time ~


  • I would have done just the opposite… instead of removing the third nipple I would have added a fourth nipple on the opposite to have balance ;-). A far better conversation piece than a chest scar. By the way I know a good taxidermist in case you want to get that thing mounted!


  • Holy Shitballs…


  • Dude really looks like that movie total recall “Take me to Quato” …..Barf in mouth on two……Gross Gross ………..emmmmm yeah!


  • That was one big nipple they removed. Glad you’re ok, and can’t wait to hear the war story you create for the scar.


  • Brave man to share.
    Heal well.


    • He is indeed. And he may not realize what a public service he did by showing the up close and personal shots here. If just one person who saw these thought, “hey, I got a third nipple just like Joey’s” and went and had it checked out he may have more impact in the long run than any public service announcement.

      Cancer scares the shit out of people and that leads to not talking about it, not getting things checked out. Remember when Betty Ford announced she had breast cancer? Before that breast cancer was never talked about in polite company. And so women died because they were treated too late.

      Cancer is not polite. Up close it’s pretty gross. But if we all got over our squeamishness and got checked out early and often we could prevent an enormous number of cancer deaths.


      • nicholeschrafft

        Such an important point to make, Paul!


      • Thanks Capt Joe a hard look but needed!

        You hit there Paul – A friend of mine I supported in late 90’s and 2000’s from here in South Korea – started a foundation in Boston. John Dow, a retired Captain, cancer survivor-I met through (Garda Siochana, Irish Police Department) founder and used proceeds for exchanges with Ireland) and founded Cops for Kids with Cancer! Him and his wife great people and I still have the patches and Pin’s matter of fact where it on my hat every day in his memory. And this organization recently reached out to Rockport.
        There web site:

        We know why Mass is special not only for beauty but for reaching out to each other!

        “Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strength.” -Charles Spurgeon


  • Just lost my appetite.


  • Christine Burnett

    a little too much information………


  • I just got queazy


  • Leslie Y. De Vaney

    Was eating a plate of pot roast and all the trimmings at the computer (had the house to myself) …..fortunately, I’d just finished when I came across your graphic photo of Joey, sans the “third nipple.” He was wise to have it attended to; he has a lovely family and I’m sure they want to keep him around. God Bless!


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