More from our friend Fred’s Diary

The Hospital:

Be honest with your doctor and other health care professionals. They all want to help you. Throw all your modesty out the window. You’ll be treated with respect.

Ask questions. I not only wanted to know about my own treatment, and was curious about the tools and techniques being used.

Do what you can to make your stay comfortable. Bring sweat pants, long and short sleeve t-shirts, socks, a cell phone, and non-perishable snacks. If you’re confined to bed, bring a 24-inch grabber to extend your reach.

I‘ve found that the hospital environment can be disorienting, especially if medications are involved. One day in early February I awoke at what I thought was 6 am, only to realize it was 6 pm, and I had only slept for an hour! Currently, I’m taking six different medications, and a total of ten pills per day (some are administered twice daily). You may want to invest in a pill chopper.


  • Yikes! I have been out of touch and hadn’t seen the earlier post about Fred being in the hospital. Donna, thanks for keeping us informed. Please relay my best wishes and prayers for Fred’s quick and complete recovery.


  • Still have you in my prayers Fred.


  • Matthew we all miss you. Hope your doing well. Hope you can come to Felici’s St Joseph Novena


  • Fred! Which hospital are you in? Do you want visitors? If so, what can we bring you???


  • Fred, thank you for sharing your insights at a time which must be a daunting journey. I continue to pray for your good health. I know Donna is relaying messages to you so please let us know through her if there are things we can send (and where) to cheer and entertain you. Blessings,


  • Fred & Family – you are in the prayers and get well wishes miss your wisdom and history Ye old sponge “Dave & Kim” soaking it all in and up. God Bless!

    This may help some:
    “Every winner has scars.” Robert N. C. Nix
    “The reason angels can fly is because they take themselves lightly.” – G.K. Chesterton


  • I’ve never met
    Fred & only know him through hi posts. I left Gloucester in the mid 60’s. Be well,


  • Glad you are on the mend. Thanks for your Robin repost ~ we had about 6 inches of Annapolis snow the past 2 days and this morning saw the first puffed up Robin feasting on berries. Gloucester summer plans are in the works ~ see you then ~ hold fast ~


  • Fred, I’m so sorry to hear of your trouble, but i do know it will take a lot more than this to keep you down. Keep on living your best every day, and i hope to be up there to visit you soon. TRY, to do what you’re told.
    Lynda AKA ( your Connecticut friend )


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