Three More Days to See Winter Bird Art At Trident Gallery

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Three More Days to See Winter Bird Art

Chris Leahy Gallery Talk

Late Winter Meditations

An Interesting Tidbit

All Over Again: Music and Dance in Performance

Three More Days To See Winter Bird Art
Friday (10-5), Saturday (10-7), and Sunday (10-5) are the remaining days to see the winter bird art at Trident Gallery on loan from the Museum of American Bird Art at Mass Audubon. After the birds leave, Winter Meditations will continue with its fourth and final phase, “Persephone’s Return.”

“Winter Birding with John James Audubon”
A Gallery Talk with Chris Leahy
Saturday, March 1, 5pm
Naturalist Chris Leahy is a charismatic and popular speaker as well as a noted author and editor. Raised in Marblehead and a resident of Gloucester since the 1970s, Leahy will speak particularly about the birds of Cape Ann as he adapts a talk he has been giving at the exhibition “Audubon’s Birds, Audubon’s Words” at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston to the forty works of bird art currently at Trident Gallery.

Leahy’s interests in natural history are comprehensive, and he is a recognized authority on birds and insects; he holds the Gerard A. Bertrand Chair of Natural History and Field Ornithology at Mass Audubon; he has led natural history explorations to over 70 countries on all of the continents; he is the author of The Birdwatcher’s Companion to North American Birdlife (1,072 pp), Birds of Mongolia (forthcoming), The Nature of Massachusetts, The First Guide to Insects, “A Guide to Winter Birding on Cape Ann,” and many other publications.

The talk will last about an hour. No reservation needed. Chris will move around the gallery. Some folding chairs will be provided. A flyer is available in PDF format.

Late Winter Meditations – Doves on a Razor’s Edge

This morning, Mourning Doves were singing their mournful mating song in East Gloucester. Tonight, the temperature is 15, and a cold, gusty north wind is blowing.

Many living things don’t survive the winter, part two: a Razorbill washed up on Brace Cove beach almost exactly a year ago, and was photographed by Trident Gallery artist Patti Sullivan. First, for comparison, Audubon’s Razorbill (engraved by Robert Havell), and the stuffed Razorbill that visited Trident Gallery for Sandy McDermott’s workshop on January 31st.

An Interesting Tidbit

We’ve seen sea smoke on Gloucester Harbor and the waters around Cape Ann numerous times this year, because temperatures have been unusually cold. Sea smoke is a kind of fog, the same as our breath on a cold day. When very cold air passes over relatively warm water, the water warms and humidifies a layer of air, which drifts up into the colder air and condenses. A Rockport, Maine meteorologist gives a nice explanation here, and this scientific paper from 1963 gives a careful analysis and record of the phenomenon of sea smoke, which can rise in plumes to hundreds of meters above the sea’s surface. Photographer Winston Swift Boyer captured this scene of sea smoke in Gloucester during the winter of 1977-78.

Exhibition Poster (22″ x 23″) for sale in gallery, $25

Winter Meditations Evolves Toward Spring

All Over Again: Music and Dance in Performance
Sunday, March 9th, 5pm.

An evening of music and dance performance heralds the return of spring and again unites the visual and performing arts at Trident Gallery, marking the beginning of “Persephone’s Return,” the fourth and final phase of Winter Meditations. Multi-instrumentalist composers Nathan Cohen and Anthony Leva explore sonic geographies and genres. Dancers Olivier Besson and Chandra Cantor improvise duets with poetic intimacy, striking clarity, and dynamic surprise.

Please arrive at the gallery in time to be seated by 5pm, and note that Gloucester parking meters go off duty at 6pm.

Admission is free. Donations for the performers will be greatly appreciated.

Seating is limited. Seat reservations no later than 9am on Saturday March 8 are strongly recommended (978-491-7785 or or the Facebook event). If reservations fill all the seats that can be provided, some additional standing guests will be allowed.

A paper flyer is posted online in PDF format, and also a jpg image like the one above but with venue information.

Social Media
Information and images complementary to Winter Meditations appear regularly on the gallery Facebook page and the exhibition’s multimedia blog. Information about gallery events is published to all channels, but other content tends not to overlap with the content of email newsletters.

Summary of Winter Meditations events
17 January (Friday) 7:30pm-8:15pm: dance performance, Then it seemed beautiful
25 January (Saturday) 5pm-7pm: reception “Arctic Life”
31 January (Friday) 1pm-3pm: workshop: Drawing Birds and Wildlife from Nature
8 February (Saturday) 5pm-7pm: poetry reading Brendan Galvin
14 February (Friday) 5pm-6pm poetry reading Rufus Collinson
22 February (Saturday) 5pm-6pm poetry reading David Rich
1 March (Saturday) 5pm-6pm talk: Chris Leahy, “Winter Birding with John James Audubon”
9 March (Sunday) dance performance, All over again

Trident Gallery Overview

Trident Gallery is a showcase for the art of Cape Ann, Massachusetts. Exhibitions of contemporary art in traditional and non-traditional styles and media rotate every four to six weeks and are accompanied by scheduled presentations and discussions. Owner and Gallery Director Dr. Matthew Swift curates the exhibitions and gallery inventory, drawing on academic expertise and four generations of involvement in Cape Ann art to select each work of art and to illuminate its place within the cultural history of the region. Through its exhibitions, library, and programming, Trident Gallery is a part of the vital arts scene on Cape Ann and a resource for learning about the region’s rich artistic legacy and continuing importance.


Matthew Swift
Trident Gallery

+1 (978) 491-7785
Gallery Hours (during Winter Meditations)
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday: 10am-5pm
Saturday 10am-7pm
Monday, Tuesday, and any time by appointment

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