4th Annual Spring Good Morning Gloucester Photo Contest


What are you looking at?                                                                   You got a problem?

OK, now that you have looked at these squirrels the photo contest rules write themselves.

1) Photo must be taken in the month of March, 2014 within Essex county.
2) All submissions become the property of GMG blah blah blah legal mumbo jumbo Joey can repost them forever etc.

Well what else? The rules are wide open. Obviously the photo must contain a small woodland creature (or pet) with something weird stuck on their heads. For example, If you take an old child’s toy, say a plastic horse or cow, bunny, monkey, baby, Spiderman, Cabbage Patch doll, and cut the head off, stuff some peanut butter, peanuts, lard, cat food, into the hollow head and string it up with fishing line next to your bird feeder you might walk away the winner.

Send all photos to GMG somehow (leave a comment on this post) or email to paul_morrison@dfci.harvard.edu with subject line “GMG photo contest”.

Judging will be done by a completely biased set of judges on or around April Fools Day. There will be prizes awarded in many categories. Most original, best “squirrel horse”, best “Arrogant Squirrel”, best “Embarrassed Squirrel”, best “rare species”, best “pet caught in the act”, best photo not taken in Essex County. A caption may help the judges decide but not necessary. Sometimes words get in the way of telling a good story. If you create a lobster squirrel does anything really need to be said?

Any photo deemed to have caused harm to any creature will be disqualified. If someone were to go to Horse Head Squirrel Feeder and purchase an official Horse Head Squirrel Feeder you may have a lock on first place in some category.

Collaborations are encouraged. If you have made a dozen heads of various plastic animals and you now have a clutch of squirrels trained to look goofy in your backyard but you do not have a long lens there are many professional GMG photographers with the proper equipment who will come over to your house and shoot your squirrels. The usual split is 30% of the winnings go to the photographer.

Squirrel photo posted by Trev Warth on Google Plus and the photo was taken by Zielinski Photography all rights probably reserved. 


  • All righty then, within 30 minutes already have gotten some email with requests. I have removed the requirement that the photo is shot in Essex County. A lot of interest off island from people who are already snapping the heads off their children’s toys.

    I would suggest showing your children the photo of the squirrels and asking permission before heads get removed from treasured toys. They may agree that a GI Joe squirrel would be awesome.

    Rubber Ducks. I intentionally did not mention Rubber Ducks but they do have nice hollow heads and a squirrel would likely look pretty funny as a Rubber duck bobblehead. Could I ask for some respect if you do snap the head off a Rubber Duck? Dispose of the body properly. I can imagine some people would think it amusing to send me a box of headless Rubber Ducks or a photo of a whole menagerie of Rubber Duck heads hanging in the backyard. Really hilarious if you sneak in my house and put a bunch in my bed. I already got it. The Godfather. Way ahead of you.


  • Now, not wanting to do anything harmful to animals or disruptive to family relations and certainly not making more plastic junk that has to be properly disposed of (is there really a way?) might I propose that I can make use of photoshop for a little “post processing”? I would also like to add that I would not be wasting precious food portions that would have otherwise fed a family of some kind somewhere..


    • You’re right, a new category has been added, Photoshopped contributions. We have professional photographers on the judges panel so that photoshopping of any shots that are not placed into the Photoshop category will be penalized unless they are really funny looking.

      This may relieve the problem we might have from contestants who at this moment are reaching for their pile of Rubber Ducks with some garden shears. Hold on! No need to do that. Enter the Photoshop category if you really need to express your animosity towards rubbery Duck like toys. Decapitate in your dreams. Even Freud would agree that was the healthy choice.


  • Should only be shot on Cape Ann. You’re going soft! Like your yellow friend.


    • Rubber Duck has agreed that everyone should join in the peace, love, and joy found in tricking squirrels into making fools of themselves.

      She is also not very soft as I have left her in the car at the airport. Hard as a rock.

      My little yellow friend …


  • Better finding the head here than in the bed 🙂 Ouch :-O The Festrunk Brothers (Steve and Dan)


  • OK – I got 2 photos this past Sunday – March 30th! I will submit them to you via email Paul!


  • OMG I just got to the photos! (working in on the boat so120 emails to plow through) They are getting posted in 20 minutes.


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