• Thanks, EJ and Joey ~ much appreciated as I am sure as artists you know that ~ Happy Weekend to you ~ carol, xxx


  • Thanks have not seen you posted for a while on GMG – (EJ) how has your mom been doing? Me and Kim wish her all the best 🙂 The red ballon reminded me of a movie from the 50’s same title.

    Little robust sound here so may have turn but nice:-)

    The Red Balloon


    • Thanks Dave, very nice. Life has just taken me down a different path recently and I haven’t had the ability to focus on much more than my mother and getting some new artwork done (what keeps me sane and in the moment). I’m sorry for my absence on the blog, and thanks for noticing.


      • I totally understand the path’s all have there peaks and Valleys stay strong (Art and books carry the past forward for us all) I have a picture at home here that Mom said a Finish lady we called Moo Moo (Lanesville) gave her the frame is close to century mark a picture of a red barn and child walking down a drit road with fishing pole (Bamboo?). I’ll have to see who painted it appars to be a water color(?) Picture frame is falling apart too many years
        Missing Fred B…Also…Prayer and thoughts to you and family and Freds too!

        Dave & Kim…


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