You’re OK Get Up. You’re OK. You’re OK. Get Up. It Just Scared You Honey…

Did you hear the thunk?  I mean straight up couldn’t lay a more solid forehead plant on that bar.

And then the mother chuckles a little before she tries to convince the kid that he didn’t just get completely annihilated.

Total compassion out of the mom right there.  She ain’t raising no softie! 

Define Getting Bundled: see video

Is this your move?

Like when your kid gets destroyed on the playground do you give them the old “Shake it off” routine?

I feel like there are two completely different camps on this.  Mothers that would be crying harder than the child and coddling them and then other moms that will pick the kid up, give em a boot in the ass and tell them to run up that slide til they get it right.


  • As a mom, in the back of my head silently, I be coddling, but in front of the child, let them tell you if they are ok… I always tried not to react until my kids would tell me or cry.. you can be loving and strong at the same time


  • hake it off routine all the way, kids need to realize that Mommy isn’t always going to be there to pick them up and fight their battles. To many Parents today are coddling their kids and have that helicopter parent mentality. I can talk all day about this topic, the Wussification of our kids.


  • Unless I see lots of blood, it’s get up and try again. Life is full of adversity – meet it head on!,


  • When I was a kid my mom used to send us outside to play and say, “Don’t come in unless you’re bleeding.” LOL!


  • Not going to lie….I’m far more apt to sleep in camp B.


  • Blood is the deciding factor…or a limb that looks kinda twisty. That’s never good! But my preschool kids? They are tiny and get cuddles, of course!


  • Keep on thunking your head on the bar ’till you get it right. It took your old man 50 years but when they carried him out his thunk was so distinctive all the bar tenders knew just who to shut off. Instead of playing “Taps” for him they only had to bop to blocks of wood together and play thunk.


  • This is a hard one – have to react to what’s presented and each will deal with it differently. Speaking from many years ago – Safety was not on the top of our list as kids and we paid the price at times.I can tell I feel some of the injuries from many years ago today :-O. Now watching the two local petri pint wine drinker’s that hung out at lanes cove then, or old grave yard field top of hill, going down Duley street on and old bike with no chain or brakes lucky it was low tide and then ended up on the little sandy part of the cove where their was a dory tied up missed it before losing control.. Don’t think either would have felt it though had enough liquid pain medication inside stayed down for a bit but got up and shook it off think more worried about pint in pants breaking at that time. Benny RIP used to take up a lot of real estate just walking at times…but never really bothered anybody was what you call the friendly one and slept it off 🙂


  • I’d feel better about this if the mom wasn’t videoing and laughing. I would at least get up and check.


  • When that kid hit his head on that pipe it instantly reminded me of the Three Stooges. The sound was so loud (unfortunately it wasn’t an effect) and the fall would of made Curly proud.


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