Tuesday February 25th 2014 Cape Ann Forecast..

Marine Forecast…
Tue: W winds 15 to 20 kt with gusts up to 25 kt. Seas 2 to 3 ft.

Tue Night: W winds 10 to 15 kt with gusts up to 25 kt. Seas 2 to 3 ft.

Well not much to talk about , we are definitely locked in on a colder pattern . With mostly dry conditions , very cold Tuesday through Monday of next week temps in the 20’s lows single digits to teens with windchill values in the negative range of -10 to + 10 above…. Clouds at times with a few snow showers or flurries … That’s really about it .. Monday maybe a more significant chance for snows , but that’s 5-6 days out plenty of room for changes… I can’t say I see spring around the corner … It’s def delayed.. So keep those furnaces going and windows shut. Have a great Tuesday .. And thanks for reading …
Peter Lovasco





  • What does G.E.T. W.E.T. stand for?


  • If this newest polar vortex lasts into March I would start wondering about people who might “shoot the messenger”.


  • Nobody can control old mother nature here you can sing this one tried to find it vocals but nothing yet so here are the word…Have the CD at house!
    Where does the sun go? (Imperial Records) Song by Jackie De Shannon March 3, 1967
    Where does the sun go
    When it does not shine?
    And where does the sun go
    When it’s gone a long, long time?

    And where does my love go
    When he cannot rest with you?
    It makes a teardrop in my eyes
    I cannot look very clearly at the sky

    What does the sun do on a cloudy day?
    Does it get lonely when it fades away?
    Well, I get lonely when I can’t be with you
    And it’s right there in my mind
    I know I can’t be happy all the time

    Do you ever wonder?
    Does it ever cross your mind?
    The sun is where the sky is blue
    And I’ll be where I can be with you

    How does the sun decide
    Whether it should shine or hide?
    Is it really all that free?
    Does it have a choice like you and me?

    Well, I decided you mean the world to me
    The sun keeps hanging around the sky
    And I’m gonna hang around you till I die


    • Lol .. Send pics of the weather from out there if u can.. Would love to see pics from over there Dave .. Thanks


      • Once again the reason I love the weather you do is you live it go out into the elements and read the signs from mother nature herself, wind, waves, birds and other animals react to condtions. Once I read up more I will try the Googel plus if you want can send me an email I could send directly too you davesam55@yahoo.com . Also read this in stripes about Misawa Japan (lots of snow there (200 inches annually some years less some years more).

        (You may like this -Quoted from Stars & Stripes- Monday February 24, 2014 Page 5
        Stars & Stripes Newspaper, Master-At-Arms (MA) 2nd Class, of Windham Hill Maine, removing snow at the Naval Air Facility Misawa Japan, 24 Feb 2014. Misawa usually receives about 200 inches of snow each year and is considered the snowiest Naval Installation in the world.

        Dave 🙂


  • More shoveling than I would want to do 🙂 Most welcome! Dave


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