Now Knowing That This Year’s World Cup Soccer Tourney Is Being Held In Brazil- An Over/Under Death Poll

Craig Kimberley told me yesterday in the GloucesterCast Podcast that this year’s World Cup Soccer tournament is being held in Brazil.

After seeing some of the riots that happen at regular season soccer matches in Brazil I can’t even begin to imagine how many deaths will occur given the elevated emotional state that World Cup Soccer brings.

I’m gonna pin the line at 500 fan deaths and 2.5 Soccer Ref deaths.

Good times.



  • Brooke (@Brooke_Surname)

    There’s actually a lot of concern about political rioting as well. Brazilians have been protesting heavily lately about economic issues, one of them being how the government can justify spending a bazillion dollars on the World Cup when it won’t even address serious financial issues at home, not to mention that they’re wildly behind schedule.


  • Just for the hell of it I googled “soccer war,” since I thought that maybe if Honduras and El Salvador would go to war over a soccer game (as they did in 1970), maybe Brazil would implode over the World Cup. It seems that deeper issues like immigration were the cause of the fighting. But then things like serious economic problems are present in Brazil too. Whatever, I am with Joey: you couldn’t pay me enough to go. But maybe that’s the vuvuzuelas talking. How about taking a poll on the question: games that can end in a tie: un-American, or not? Why isn’t the Tea Party up in arms about this burning issue???


  • They can get bad priorites seem out of whack locals raise up – and and english friend of mine said the games get the rowdies that way too but not the same level of violence according to him. :-O


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