New England Boat Show: Dazed and Confused

Wow, what an unbelievable amount of boat stuff all in one place. If you put all these boats in the water the ocean level would rise at least a few inches.

J&L Marine. The J and the L were way too busy actually working so Rubber Duck manned the booth.

J&L Marine. The J and the L were way too busy actually working so Rubber Duck manned the booth.


Tobin Dominick showed the Rubber Duck around the Cape Ann Marina booths. The consummate professional Tobin is not about to burst out laughing.

Cape Ann Marina has just way too much cool stuff going on. If you have not had breakfast at the Mile Marker Restaurant lately, order one of the Eggs Benedict and don’t forget the home fries. (Menu here.) These are not your ordinary home fries. They do some kind of magical double cooking of them so they are soft on the inside and crunchy but not greasy on the outside. I could just eat them alone for breakfast but their Benedict sauce has just the right amount of creamy goodness, and their crab cakes … oh wait, they also have a pretty nice marina, swimming pool (buy a punch card!), and they’ll fix your engine. You have to click through their entire web page and dream about summer.

Anyway, why did I label this post New England Boat Show: Dazed and Confused? Find out by clicking more below:

OK, for boating I have simple needs, want to keep it simple, smell the ocean, look at the birds, maybe throw a plug or two. But I have an addiction. An addiction to small complicated electronic gizmos. I love my gizmos. I love my iPhone. Now I start out going to this boat show wanting to slip a transducer onto my transom and getting a depth gauge. But in looking at those on the internet I am introduced to side scan HD Structure Scan super duper wherein you can visualize onscreen the entire bottom down to the sex of the fish who are having at it 180 feet down. Crazy. I really do not want to end up staring at a screen being mesmerized by the electronics but as I said before, I have a weakness. I love the technology. And the prices for this stuff are not that unreasonable.

I had worked myself up to a Lowrance Elite 7 Hybrid Dual Imaging. 600-700 bucks and you can see quite a bit. But then just ten minutes talking to Tim in the Lowrance booth and I am on the slippery slope for just doubling the price one can see a 50 cent piece on the deck of the sunken boat 200 feet down using a Lowrance HDS-7 Gen2 Touch.

This being Cape Ann with more than a few people who go out on boats I ask for advice. Talk me out of it. A lead weight and a ball of string is your depth gauge and really, if you can’t tell how deep the water is just by looking at the surface you shouldn’t be out there right?

Except this electronic stuff is so cool.  Leave a comment. Bring me back to sanity. I have 30 days to get a transducer onto the transom.

So, New England Boat Show, go. It’s like a supermarket, all the good stuff is along the edge. Take one slow lap around the perimeter and buy some ten dollar sunglasses and visit all the booths. Then cross the middle and check out some of the largest chunks of refined and shiny fiberglass that you never want to buy unless that rich uncle is bequeathing some large dollars your way.


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