Sunday February 23rd 2014 Cape Ann Forecast…

Marine Forecast …
Today: SW winds 5 to 10 kt. Seas 1 foot or less. A slight chance of showers this afternoon.

Tonight: SW winds around 5 kt…becoming W 10 to 15 kt with gusts up to 20 kt after midnight. Seas 1 foot or less. A chance of rain and snow. Vsby 1 to 3 nm.

Sunday forecast sun / clouds this morning becoming mostly cloudy late highs 45-50 . Brief late sprinkle possible otherwise a beautiful day .
Sunday night clouds few flurries late possible temps in the 30’s… Light winds ..
Monday cold 30’s sun / clouds
Tuesday colder 20’s / 30’s
Wednesday Snow ? 20’s
Thur-Sat very cold low to mid 20’s / night time lows 0-10 above …
Have a wonderful Sunday ! 🙂
Thanks for reading .
Peter Lovasco




  • Please forecast some sun and warmth.


  • Looks like a good deal of the snow has melted? Good things will come soon – (May the Warm Winds of Heaven, Blow softly upon your house. May the Great Spirit, Bless all who enter there. May your Mocassins, Make happy tracks in many snows,and may the Rainbow Always touch your shoulder). ~ Cherokee Prayer Blessing


  • Somehow I always feel like Peter’s forecast is a day late. Could you, Peter, post a day earlier so we will know what’s coming not what’s happening? Just a thought. Love your forecasts, just wish they were more timely! Thanks for what you do!


    • Considering that my time slot is for 7am it’s really hard to post for the next day .. Sorry Bakeddirt …but I do always put up extended Forecast …thanks for the kind words …


    • Peter posts at 7am every day. If you’re getting it in the email blast at the end of the night which goes out around 830pm then yeah, it would be old. You can always go directly to

      To view it as it gets posted. We update every hour on the hour so the blog is constantly he updated for those who may think that the email subscription at the end of the day is when things get posted.

      Things are posted all day long. The email is an aggregation of those posts.


  • Thanks Pete and Team!! 🙂

    Be blessed your that way we are getting whacked bad this year (weather warnings air quality goes down) with this sort of ruins your day for sure:

    Winter cold promotes a rise in coal burning in industrial China, which creates smog that then rolls across the sea into Korea. Occasionally Korea’s winter skyline is blanketed by this haze (“mise meonji”).

    The National Institute of Environmental Research says the smog contains high levels of heavy metals such as arsenic and lead, and expects the smog to become a more frequent problem for Korea. Warnings of smog have sent sales of face masks soaring, along with detergents that claim to wash away bacteria and heavy metals. Dustproof windshield wipers and air filters are popular.

    To check Korean air quality data, see:
    In the spring, the Yellow Dust (or “hwangsa”) from China’s Gobi Desert blows across northern China, where it can where it can pick up industrial pollution and then blow across the sea into Korea. Dust concentrations vary greatly from place to place and day to day. In high concentrations, Yellow Dust can aggravate respiratory illnesses and cause significant irritation to the eyes, throat, and lungs, especially for young children and the elderly.

    If Yellow Dust levels exceed 400 micrograms/㎥, the Korea Meteorological Administration will issue an advisory to encourage the elderly, elementary schoolchildren, and those with respiratory illnesses to stay inside, and advising all residents to avoid strenuous outdoor activity. If Yellow Dust levels exceed 800 micrograms/㎥, the government will issue a warning that residents should avoid any unnecessary outdoor activities; schools may be closed, and many outdoor events may be cancelled.

    Korea Meteorological Administration provides an excellent English-language chart of yellow dust levels for all provinces and major cities in Korea (be sure to select your city or province from the menu on the top left of the chart).


    • So do u live in Korea ? Where are u two ?


      • Yes Peter! Born In Somerville mid 50’s Grew up in Lanesville 1957-1968…Yes long time in South Korea many moons so to speak – but that’s why weather is so important this is brought over on the jet stream air currents – This year seemed to be real bad and I have been here a long time! But I escape back to GMG to remember don’t have the transporter like Star Trek 🙂 and a very long flight :-O

        Retired USAF…and Jack of all trades master of Few 🙂


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