Coconuts Shout Out To SeaPort Veterinary Hospital



Yesterday my son BJ and I snapped a few photos during Coconuts, annual checkup with Dr. Ray Cahill at SeaPort Veterinary Hospital located at 100  Eastern Ave, Gloucester.  Dr.Cahill and his staff are wonderful.  They specialize in getting to know their pet patients, just as well as the owners who care for them.  Our Coconut is a pure breed Conton de Tulear.  The Cottons de Tulear  is a rear breed that is known to be loyal, happy, playful, affectionate, obedient, and healthy.   Dr. Cahill has been treating Coconut for the past few years and is well aware of her temperament and personality.  He lovely settles her nerves before he starts her exam, with his clam and gentle ways gaining Coconuts trust allowing him to give her a thorough exam at each visit. 


Thank You Dr. Ray Cahill and Staff for the excellent care you give to our beloved Coconut!





gmg vet1

For more details about Seaport Veterinary Hospital visit their website below


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