Chickity Check It: Seven Tips for Good PR Writing by John McElhenny

Seven Tips for Good PR Writing

Posted on: February 21st, 2014 by John McElhenny

There’s an unfinished conference room in the back of our office where no one ever goes. Table tops lie on their sides with no legs. Deconstructed cubicles stand against the walls, shelves and desktops assorted like giant puzzle pieces. A dry erase marker lies on the ground, never used.

It’s there in the dark that I write.

As public relations professionals, content generation is becoming an ever more important part of our job. Clients need a continuous stream of blog posts, opinion articles, news releases, feature articles and social media posts to connect with their audiences.

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  • John, you are reminding me of all the “how to get writing” techniques I learned in grad school.
    I still find writing an outline by hand on pen and paper the best trick for getting my outline down. Old schoool, I know. How are these Millenias managing it? Perhaps they are not….


    • Thanks for re-posting this, Joey.

      Bex, I was for a long time a pen-and-paper-on-notebook guy but the demands of writing faster (in journalism and public relations) forced me to change. It just took too long to write things down then retype them later on the laptop. It does take a while to get used to a new medium, for sure.

      Confession: I still write in a bedside diary at night about my kids — sometimes in pencil! — for that book that will never get written. Talk about “old school.”


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