Scam the Scammers – Let’s have some fun!

Scam phone calls are up.

Today I got a call from a guy who told me there was a problem with my computer (yeah, right) and while I was letting him talk, I got a call on the other line, so I told him I had to go, picked up the other line and guess what?  Another guy from the same company, eSupport Live.  So I decided to play along and see what happened.  He told me that I had unwanted files on my computer and he would help me get rid of them right now.  He was about to ask me to give him remote access to my computer when I said, I’ve gotta go; can I call you back?  Sure, he said and gave me his number 888-514-1650.  He told me his name was Alvin Brown, uh huh — with a very thick Indian (dot-not-feather – as Joey would say) accent.

A couple of minutes later I called back.  888-514-1650 actually works.  I asked for Alvin Brown and explained that we had been cut off and I was calling him back.  They put me on hold for about 90 seconds and finally someone (with a very different voice) said, Hello. Alvin? I asked.  Yes. Alvin Brown?  Yes, sir, can I get your information please?

That’s when I hung up.  I found their website here.  The English is worse than those bad assembly instructions you get with products made in China.

Most likely these people are criminals, trying to hack into your computer to steal your identity, money, whatever.  See a news story about such people here.

I know most FOBs have lots of time on their hands — because since joining the GMG Google+ Community, I get tons of emails a day from them — so I figure why not  spend a little time and have some fun SCAMMING THE SCAMMER!

All you have to do is call and pretend you got their number from the website or a friend.  Ask for Alvin Brown and see what happens.  Or start asking for other people — Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, George Washington, Jimi Hendrix — what ever you can think of.  The longer you keep them on the phone, the more you’ve cost them.  Just don’t give them any real info about yourself.

If you don’t want them calling you back, just block your caller id by hitting *67 before you call.  If we can get hundreds of people calling every day, maybe they’ll give up and stop calling us.

Vickie reminded me of this very funny guy who has a special treat for telemarketers.  Check it out:


  • Note that you cannot block your caller-id when calling toll free numbers. The owner of the toll free number will always see your phone number even if you press *67 or have caller-id block by default (this includes cell phones).


    • Good to know. Since we all love Google now, check out this article on how to call toll-free numbers using Google voice!topic/voice/AoEwD7udhAU


      • Oh I *love* Google Voice. It is a great way to make calls and not give away your real cell phone number or home number. You can control and block annoying callers by number etc. Or just have it screen everyone without sharing your real numbers. Don’t do anything illegal though, you are but a subpoena away from Google turning over your identity to law enforcement. I’ve been giving out a Google Voice number as my ‘cell phone’ number for years, free texting, excellent voicemail and I can change cell phone providers and cell phone phone numbers anytime without changing the number I give out.


  • I’ve been called twice in the last year by one of these scammer types. I kept them on the line by playing along for a while and then started asking them questions about the morality of what they are doing.

    This is tough, when I think of someone’s grandmother on a fixed income getting scammed by ones of these groups, it makes me very ANGRY. I’m also aware that there is a level of abject poverty in India that most of us can’t even conceive of.


    • Does anyone know whether the people who call from India get paid by the hour or by the sale? If it’s by the hour, we should keep them on the phone as long as possible. If it’s by the sale, maybe not so much.


      • Scammers calling from the US or Canada or India make me just as angry as Rob. They are really taking advantage of the trust that folks put into receiving a phone call and stealing money in every way possible. I don’t care if they are rich or poor or whatever, unethical behavior deserves whatever abuse they get back.

        Annoying telemarketers get conferenced into this special phone number I setup: 703-376-3245 … enjoy … the funniest “on hold and waiting” recording I’ve ever heard!


        • I took the bait and listened to the message – did you really set this up yourself? Too funny!


        • The recording is from a terrific voice artist at: … I used to have this rigged to divert calls based on caller-id names like ‘mortgage’ ‘auto’ and ‘green’ (back when every trugreen, realgreen, chemgreen, supergreen lawn company would call incessantly). Now I just conference or blind transfer the callers into that menu. Friends wanted to be able to do the same so I put it up on a few phone numbers like that one for public use.


  • I get these calls all the time. I try to keep them on the line as long as possible without giving up any information. My wife gets really annoyed when I do that. She’d rather just hang up on them.

    I got one call in particular where they told me that they’ve discovered a problem with my computer. I let him rattle on for a while before I asked him, “What’s a com pu tor?” Then I try and see if I can get him to fix the problem with my Bull milking machine or my stranded Saskatchewan Humpback Whale. I also try to get him to tell me what part of India he is from. I tell him that I’m a Wingaersheek Indian so we must be related. I ask him if they knows Slum Dog Millionaire. Eventually he and all the others get tired of me and hang up.

    I got one to stay on long enough for me to give them my credit card number so he could take care of my problem right away. Since I told him I didn’t know what a “com pu tor” was I assumed he was going to fix my Bull milking machine or something. So… I gave him my credit card number to my “American Donald Duck Card” which was a number with a whole bunch of numbers, letters, and funny looking characters (about 84 in all). He said he didn’t have enough spaces on his “com pu tor” to fit all the numbers, letters and funny looking characters. I told him that was OK because I’ve already sent him a check in the mail so please fix my Bull milking machine. He too like all the others soon hung up. There’s no customer loyalty anymore.

    My goal is get one of these guys hooked up with one of those guys trying to get all that money out of Nigeria. I’m sure they would be good for each other!

    Rick Anderson


  • I just added a video to this post after Vickie reminded me of this very funny guy who has a special treat for telemarketers. Check it out.


  • I enjoy messing with telemarketers too. With every question, I answer with “I’m drinkin’ Dunkin.”
    I just keep repeating it until they hang up.


  • Great posting.I got 3 of these phone calls today. and loved the video.


    • I’m dying to try my hand at the crime scene ploy the next time I get one of these calls — but it only works when the caller is relatively near you geographically. Not sure about the Mexican midget part either . . .


  • I asked the last guy which of my computers had the problem – he hung up right away.


  • I’m learning a lot of new ways to bum these people out, thanks for the tips on being a pain in their ass.


  • Thanks for giving me another day where I get to laugh before I have to haul myself out to work…You are the best!


  • I also received that “Your computer is at risk!” call not long ago. I listened for a while, laughing out loud the whole time, and then asked… “What’s a computer?” in a Patrick Starfish voice (Spongebob cartoon). I prefer not to be bothered by the phone solicitors, but every once in a while I get one when I’m in the mood for some fun. I listen intently for a while, then tell them that they are very good salesperson, then advise them that I’ll take whatever Welfare will pay for. Pure silence on the line — then only the click of a hang-up from their end. Try it… Such fun. GMG ROCKS!


  • Great turnaround on these folks who slip up and get caught, if you did not start it the coversation it’s best to do exactly what you had done- Do not call list does not always work 🙂


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