People Joining Left and Right! Love it! New GMG Google+ Community Group Formed

If you haven’t joined the GMG Community Google+ group then you haven’r seen some of Brenda Davis’ awesome then and now pictures.

Click here to join-

Good Morning Gloucester Community Group

The comment section on the blog is my favorite part.  It’s what makes the GMG community, the GMG community.  The interaction and sharing of kudos and ideas.

Click the link to sign up and be able to share your ideas and communicate with other members of the tribe.  Share Cape Ann Photos, Events, Stories, You Get The Idea.

I’d also like to do some live hangouts where we use the video capabilities in Google+ to broadcast.  There are a ton of possibilities to expand the possibilities for GMG.

Ever growing and evolving, that’s what this thing is all about. Smile

I’m keeping it a private group so once you sign up I’ll approve you.  This way we can control it from spammers and if anyone gets out of line we can just whack ‘em out.

Bring your positive energy and sign up.

If you don’t already use Google products like their email, Google Docs, ect, you’re really missing out on what I consider the best open free software out there.


A Place For Folks From The Good Morning Gloucester Community To Share Discussion and Comment On Things Happening On The Blog or Cape Ann In General. Feel Free To Add Your Own Gloucester Photos. To Be art Of This Community Rules Are Simple- Have Fun, Be Constructive, Do Not Slam People Or Businesses, Don’t Be Spammy and Enjoy Yourself!


  • Would you be discontinuing the “leave a comment” after each post, so that the only way to comment would be to join the group?


  • So, the main difference in the GMG Blog and the Community Group seems to be that the FOBs can post pictures and comments on their own without someone having to upload them. Is this correct? And there can be faster and probably more discussion. It’s truly an interactive, more informal blog. I have already explored it and like it too.


  • Another venue is a good thing – it’s good to see how other’s feel about the posts and subjects (America)…some places I have been too this does not happen at all! “:-)


  • It will take me a while to figure + out. I just don’t get it right now.


  • Was incommunicado the last few days but Rubber Duck is all over this. She loves Google Plus and Communities.


    • Hopefully you can guide folks and answer any questions folks may have


      • I have two responses to questions about Google Plus:
        Q1) I use Facebook.
        Answer: G+ is not Facebook. Not even close.

        Q2) It seems dead, none of my friends use it.
        Answer: It is only dead if you do not follow people. Do searches and find interesting people who do what you want to read about, astronomy, pottery, making cartoons, painting clam shells, there will be a group of people doing it. And you don’t want your friends in your groups. Keeping track of grandma is what Facebook is for. G+ is for meeting new interesting people. If they become uninteresting, stop following them. Their feelings will not be hurt. (Hint, it is not FB.)

        I follow a little over 3,000 people sorted into groups. Science, molecular biology, genetics, skeptics, lichens,photography, fiberglass boats, GPS, tons more. When I want a jolt of genetics, I read my genetics stream.

        Do not be afraid. I publicly post everything, mostly about biology focusing on molecular biology but I post photos of rubber ducks and other controversial issues. I have a little over 18,000 people who follow me.

        Google Communities are just another way to find people of like interests in G+. Join 50 communities, delete them all the next day, join more.


  • Thanks for that explanation. It makes much more sense now.


  • Joey, This is your mother. Get me set up please. Also patience is a virtue when it comes to you and me


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