Fried Dough

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Fried Dough

Yes were currently smack dab in the middle of school vacation week, the cupboard shelves are nearly empty, and so are our wallets.  With all good snacks gone, are you in search of an inexpensive treat that’s mouthwatering and sinfully delicious? One that can get you through the rest of vacation week without breaking the bank?


How does a recipe serving 6-8  people for under $5.00 sound to you?  I have been asked numerous times by GMG FOB’s to share my quick and easy-go-to recipe for Fried Dough.  A treat my family is always excited to enjoy no matter what time day, or night!  Click see more for recipe details

Fried Dough



1 store bought bread dough (I use Scalafani Bakery’s bread dough, dough is $1.75 per  bag sold only at their  store on Washington Street in Gloucester,)

3 1/2 cups La Spagnola oil

6-8 tablespoons salted butter

¼ cup cinnamon/sugar mix

¼ cup confectioners sugar

1 cup warmed maple syrup


1  leave dough in bag on counter minimum 6 hours (I leave bag out on counter overnight, it will look like it’s going to pop open by morning); remove dough from bag and cut into 6-8 even pieces; place pieces on clean work surface; cover with clean kitchen towel; let rise 20 minutes before next step



2   heat oil  350 degrees in large dutch oven pan over high heat; carefully arrange 3-4 piece batches in hot oil; fry 3-4 minutes per side until  all sides are golden in color; cool fried dough pieces on wire rack line cookie sheet 1 minute



3 rub 1 piece butter on each piece; sprinkle with cinnamon/sugar mix and dust with confectioners sugar; serve immediately with or without warmed maple sugar




  • When I grew up in RI, we had doughboys, which is similar to your recipe. I always had them with powdered sugar. Years later, at an Italian festival, I discovered they also ate them with “gravy” on them. It makes a nice alternative to the powdered sugar, and just as good. Or, have both.


  • Years and years ago we would fry dough out fishing for the crewcrew, but would coat with regular sugar after coming out of oil, then at times use a mixture of sugar and cinnamon. And winter times did this with my mother and my family as well. Always made dough for Bissa and extra for fried dough.


  • Looks great to me and it’s the table as well 🙂


  • “leave dough in bag on counter”
    Well there goes any excuse not to make them today. Thanks!


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