Snapshots from Recent Treks Around Eastern Point

Gloucester Skyline ©Kim Smith 2014Gloucester Skyline Winter Sunset

In preparation for my adventure to Mexico to film the Monarchs, nearly every afternoon I have been “hiking” around Eastern Point. According to my car odometer, from the Niles Beach parking lot to the lighthouse and back is just a little over two miles. I realize that I must look fairly comical with headphones, hiking boots, and loaded down with a full backpack, all while trying to dodge the black ice. The walk is always beautiful–the freezing temperatures and icy roads not so much!

Raymond's Beach ©Kim Smith 2014Raymond’s Beach Sunset

Raymond's Beach Cherry Tree ©Kim Smith 2014Raymond’s Beach Cherry Tree

Rosa rugosa Raymond's beach ©Kim Smith 2014Rosa rugosa

Eastern Point Lighthouse sunset ©Kim Smith 2014Eastern Point Lighthouse

About Kim Smith

Currently creating documentary films about the Monarch Butterfly, Black Swallowtail Butterfly, and Gloucester's Feast of St. Joseph. Landscape designer for the Gloucester Harbor Walk Gardens. Designer, lecturer, author, illustrator, photographer. Visit my blog for more information about my landscape and interior design firm- Good Morning Gloucester daily contributor. Author/illustrator "Oh Garden of Fresh Possibilities! Notes from a Gloucester Garden"
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22 Responses to Snapshots from Recent Treks Around Eastern Point

  1. Kim ~ you are an inspiration ~ keep going and Hold Fast ~

  2. Marty Luster says:

    I’ve got to get out more.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Lovely photos.
    And I think that you are underestimating the mileage from Nile Beach to the Lighthouse and back. It is 0.7 mile from Fort Hill Ave and the pillars at the Niles Beach end of Eastern Pt Blvd. It is at least 0.5 mile from Fort Hill Ave to the lighthouse. Pat yourself on the back – you are doing better than you gave yourself credit.

  4. Anonymous says:

    great shots, and I love that cherry tree, its always such a pretty outline against the sea

    • Kim Smith says:

      Me too–I think I could make a post of just that cherry tree “through the seasons.”

      It’s amazing how it survives on that little strip of land and takes the beating that it does every winter!

  5. Dave Moore says:

    That is good prepartion for the upcoming trip to mexico and we get the benefit of your hiking pictures…Think the hiking will tax you some coming from sea level on the hike up to Monarchs, I imagine around 10,000 feet and it takes a little time to adapt?…Great time of year for this trip and you have done your homework well won’t have black ice or snow there…Bottled water is a plus. :-)

    • Kim Smith says:

      It is 10,000 feet Dave. I am a little worried because we don’t have any time to become acclimated to the altitude difference. Setting out to film the day after we arrive.

      • Dave Moore says:

        Don’t worry we moved west from sea lever and it was not that taxing for us just slow it down some…Where I lived was 6000 feet and when hitting the mountains went up some Depending upon exact location I think it’s in the Sierria Mountain chains some of it but a lot will depend upon your exact location and I Believe there may be other means of transport up the hill’s horses or mules etc?

        Little Wiki
        Used to up here all the time…

        A tramway car ascending the Sandia Mountains. The Sandia Peak Tramway is an aerial tramway located adjacent to Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. … from a base elevation of 6,559 feet (1,999 m) to a top elevation of 10,378 feet (3,163 m).

  6. Bill Langer says:

    Good light, great composition — very nice work you do, Kim -

  7. Kim do you sell prints of any of your photographs. I am particularly interested in Eastern Point Light House, (my great great granddad was the first lighthouse operator) and Raymond’s Beach where I grew up over summers.

  8. Patti Amaral says:

    Beautiful pictures because we live in a beautiful city.

  9. Lora M Kling says:

    breathtakingly beautiful–and the colors are otherworldly–typical Gloucester technicolor sky and water!

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