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15+ Awesome Google+ Tricks You Might Not Know About

For anyone interested in great ways to use Google+ Check out this tutorial.  Its been fun watching Community members add photos and comments directly to the GMG Google+ Community Page!  Love it!

15+ Awesome Google+ Tricks You Might Not Know About

    Click to view at LifeHacker


    Snapshots from Recent Treks Around Eastern Point

    Gloucester Skyline ©Kim Smith 2014Gloucester Skyline Winter Sunset

    In preparation for my adventure to Mexico to film the Monarchs, nearly every afternoon I have been “hiking” around Eastern Point. According to my car odometer, from the Niles Beach parking lot to the lighthouse and back is just a little over two miles. I realize that I must look fairly comical with headphones, hiking boots, and loaded down with a full backpack, all while trying to dodge the black ice. The walk is always beautiful–the freezing temperatures and icy roads not so much!

    Raymond's Beach ©Kim Smith 2014Raymond’s Beach Sunset

    Raymond's Beach Cherry Tree ©Kim Smith 2014Raymond’s Beach Cherry Tree

    Rosa rugosa Raymond's beach ©Kim Smith 2014Rosa rugosa

    Eastern Point Lighthouse sunset ©Kim Smith 2014Eastern Point Lighthouse

    One Evening in May

    The Annisquam Village Library has sent out this notice. Elinor’s last play reading was a true delight. This one may be even better.  All GMG readers know Elinor from the wonderful photos she submits regularly to the blog, under Squam Creative.  Now you can get to know her as a playwright and director too.

    On February 21st, ONE EVENING IN MAY written and directed by local author and resident, Elinor Teele, will be presented in a reading with fellow actors in the Library at 8 o’clock. Annisquam thespian, Beebe Nelson, will be one of the participants.
    The plot follows the fortunes of the Greenwood family over the course of one magical May night. Nick, the patriarch, is attempting to keep crows from devouring his rare cultivar. Nora, his wife, is trying to ensure his wearing trousers. Rose, their daughter and an army veteran, is at war with her precocious son, Will, who is at odds with her mustachioed partner, Peter. Lust, lunacy ad a duel or two must ensue before love can conquer all.
    An excerpt can be found at
    Not to be missed!

    Did you miss Henri Smith & Aurelia Nelson’s banter on Sunday? Listen right here and get in on the scoop!

    Aurelia Nelson (L), host of Curtain Up with Henri Smith

    Aurelia Nelson (L), host of “Curtain Up” with Henri Smith

    These two tease each other like brother and sister!

    Aurelia Nelson and Henri Smith have loads of fun on this show and it truly comes across.  Henri starts off singing,  Aurelia accuses him of not knowing the words to songs, all the while hidden meanings to New Orleans favorites are revealed.  Plus you’ll get a hint of some special music planned for his upcoming concert featuring Grammy Award winners Charles Neville & Amadee Castenell.  

    Listen here and join in the fun!

    iPhone 6 is coming in 2014: leaked specs and potential upgrades, plus latest iOS 7.2 or 8

    Right in step with our boy Joey’s advice/predictions about the state of iPhone in the coming years, here’s a little info. Looks like the iPhone 6, a new phablet, and the next iOS may be out by the summer. I know how this stuff goes, so a grain of salt needs to be applied here. But, if your a Mac/Apple geek (or slave), you may enjoy the latest news. BTW, rumors of having 2K resolution screens this year??? Whaatt???!!! Yes I’m a resolution slut! Enjoy folks!

    This links will give you the “scoop” on what may be coming for the iPhone.
    This link below is awesome. If you know your up for a new phone this year, this will save an additional $50 no matter what model you buy, yep anything! The catch, you have to buy at BEST BUY of course, and you must reserve your coupon…oh well!

    Wednesday’s with Fly Amero ~ Special Guest: J.B. Amero 8pm @ The Rhumb Line


    Wednesdays Only: Prime Rib, $12.95!

    Wednesday, February 19th
    Special Guest:  J . B .  A M E R O !

    jb fly

    Spotlight on J.B., y’all.  He’s the king of ‘em all, y’all.  This is
    as good as it gets here in Gloucester, folks.  Ask anyone.  He
    puts his soul into every timeless piece of music he performs.
    And… it looks like we may have a special surprise guest as
    well!  Come find out who it is! 🙂 ~ Fly
    Dinner with great music!
    *Each week features a special, invited musical guest
    Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
    Prime Rib Special –  $12.95 (while they last)
    Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!
    Plus – Check out Fred’s rockin’ new wine menu!
    Coming soon…
    John Rockwell 
    (as guest host)

    Renee Dupuis 
    (w/Joe Cardoza)

    Marina Evans

    Looking forward…
    …to seeing you there!  🙂 ~ Fly

    The Gift That Keeps On Giving

    PrintThis weeks GMG Cook is Mary McLoud Tucker~ Mary writes, “That is a beautiful Valentine dessert ~ yes  ~ dare I say ~ sensual adult dessert.  My mind is twirling ~ if I can find that cheese in Annapolis ~ Valentine plans are done <3  Thanks Felicia ~ you served it up!”

    Mary's photo

    Mary, taking the time to snap this photo and send it into GMG made my day!  Every photo file I receive and open is a special gift that warms my heart. Thank you ❤

    Send us your photo of a Sista Felicia Recipe you make and be the next featured GMG Cook of the week.  Photos will be posted under Sista’s Dish~”The Gift That Keeps On Giving” once per week.

    Tuesday February 18th 2014 Cape Ann Weather Update !

    As of last nights forecast , this event for midday into early evening looks very minor with nuisance snows 1-2″ inches for our viewing area .. Storm is weak and most moisture remains to our North ! Se winds will limit snow amounts . And make it tough to stick on roadways . Even a mix or change to rain is possible , so again no big event ! More weather on Wednesday .. Have a great Tuesday … Thanks for reading …
    Peter Lovasco