• Loving the music…nice touch. Kind of beachy for those of us who weren’t just in Mexico.


    • I think I’ve found my nirvana mobile podcasting setup. It sounds great, all with very little expense and is ultra portable.

      I’ll do a video walk throughshowint how simple the setup is and just how portable as we’ll.


      That sound editing was first shot after watching a quick YouTube I picked it right up. Soooo easy!!’


  • The sound quality was very good and crisp…The music added a nice touch but I have always been a music person. Have to brush up some on Googel plus…Thanks!


  • Can’t even begin to tell you how excited about this low cost, ultra portable, easy to use setup. It even exports the audio file when you’re done in a format that the blog will take directly. What would take me an hour to produce before takes me ten minutes. It is so easy to figure out and intuitive. I imagine that a radio station would have paid $20K to be able to do what this does 15 years ago. But it’s just a few cheap tools and an app that makes them communicate. I’m pumped!

    I can’t imagine a more portable cheap podcasting setup where you not only capture the audio, but also edit the post and exports it directly to the blog.

    I should also mention that this first test one that I posted as a podcast was never intended to actually be a podcast but rather a test run but because it was so easy after I watched a five minute tutorial on YouTube that the results right out of the gate were good enough to use. I’ve never experienced a new piece of software so intuitive and that has done everything so right.

    This setup just nails it!

    Frickin brilliant!


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