Who Wants To Guess How Many Bids The Schooner “Nathaniel Bowditch” Received At Public Auction A Couple Of Days Ago?


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Nathaniel Bowditch, the fourth of seven children, was born in Salem, Massachusetts, to Habakkuk Bowditch and Mary (Ingersoll) Bowditch. At the age of ten, he was made to leave school to work in his father’s cooperage, before becoming indentured at twelve for nine years as a bookkeepingapprentice to a ship chandler.

Schooner ‘Nathaniel Bowditch’ going to public auction Feb. 14 at Camden’s Sharp’s Wharf 

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Holly S. Edwards

Thursday, February 13, 2014 – 7:15am

ROCKLAND — It’s a sad day when a storied local business ends up in financial trouble and goes on the auction block, but when it’s a schooner that dates back to 1922 and a business that continues to ply the tourist trade off Maine’s Midcoast, there is much reason to mourn.

The schooner Nathaniel Bowditch will beauctioned to the highest bidder Friday, Feb. 14, at 1 p.m. at Sharp’s Wharf (Bay View Landing) in Camden. The Nathaniel Bowditch, owned by Owen and Cathie Dorr of Rockland, was seized Dec. 23, 2013, at its Rockland Harbor berth in Lermond Cove by U.S. Marshals and towed to Camden Harbor. A civil foreclosure case against the Dorrs has been working its way through the U.S. District Court’s Admiralty Division in the weeks leading up to and following the seizure.

Owen Dorr said Wednesday that while he and his wife don’t have the ability to bail themselves out financially and save the boat, they want to remain in the windjamming trade.

Find out how many bids after the break-

No bids for schooner ‘Bowditch’

Holly S. Edwards

February 14, 2014 – 3:00pm

CAMDEN — A crowd of more than 20 people huddled under the plastic shrinkwrap enshrouding the deck of the schooner Nathaniel Bowditch, a number holding promise that someone would cast a bid to buy the beleaguered windjammer Friday afternoon. But it was not to be.

The Nathaniel Bowditch was seized by U.S. Marshals Dec. 23, 2013, following the filing of a civil foreclosure lawsuit in Portland U.S. District Court against owners Owen and Cathie Dorr of Rockland. The Dorrs had been accused of defaulting on a $375,000 First Preferred Ship Mortgage originally taken out with The First in 2012, which was later assigned by the bank to Thomas B. Federle of Yarmouth.

Following seizure of the Nathaniel Bowditch in December, court-appointed custodian Ray Williamson took the schooner Jan. 9 from its berth in Rockland and towed it to the former Sharp’s Wharf in Camden.

Entire article with pictures here-

No bids for schooner ‘Bowditch’


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