Birdwatchers- A Special Breed


These MFers are crazy.
Lined up in five degree weather, brisk wind bearing down on them, barely moving enough to generate any heat.
Good times my friend!  Gooood times!
After this what do y’all say about punching each other in the nuts for a couple hours?  May as well top off the day real nice.


  • And then go do this to top of the trifecta of an afternoon.
    /Users/nicholeschrafft1/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Masters/2014/02/14/20140214-213516/ouch.jpg


  • sorry…bad response. That was supposed to be a photo of Steve Carell getting his chest waxed. Good times, indeed.


  • Might as well have a hand gallop to really top it off
    Love this stuff man


  • No worse than the weather guys:-)


  • What are these guys actually looking at that is so mesmerizing to stand out in the freezing cold and wind?


  • Joey,
    Why do you make fun of people that do things differently than you? The scene is from the Cape Ann Birding weekend. Which by the way was pleasantly warm this year. The Gloucester Chamber of Commerce and Mass Audubon have put this event together for several years. It brings visitors to our beautiful city to see the great winter seabird show. Participants get the chance to see birds that are only on the ocean and there has been a pelagic trip out to Jeffery’s Ledge with Jay Frontiero piloting a whale watch boat. Gloucester has so much to offer in natural beauty, why not embrace those who enjoy this as their hobby?


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