Strawberry-Licious White Hot Chocolate


straberry liciouse hot chocolate final

Strawberry-Licious White Hot Chocolate~Todays Third Valentine Recipe!… For Details click see more

Strawberry-Licious White Hot Chocolate


12 oz. whole milk

Lakes Arctic White Cocoa Classics  Hot Cocoa Mix

1 teaspoon Duncan Hines Frosting Creations Flavoring Mix/Strawberry Shortcake

1/2 Teaspoon red liquid food coloring

2 cups whipped cream

Kraft Jet-puffed Heart Mallows/Strawberry Marshmellows

1/2 teaspoon valentine candy sprinkles

*Note~ Serve with White Chocolate Spoonful’s of Valentine Love (see recipe)

Strawberry- licious Hot Chocolate 3


1  combine milk, arctic white hot cocoa mix, and half teaspoon strawberry shortcake flavoring mix; heat until hot

2  poor evenly into two serving mugs

3  place 1/2  teaspoon food coloring into disposable pastry bag fitted with star tip; immediately fill with 1 cup whipped cream; add remaining half teaspoon food coloring; add remaining 1 cup with cream; pipe a swirl of whipped cream on each serving; sprinkle with valentine candies; garnish with strawberry heart marshmallows; serve immediately

Strawberry -licious hot chocolate 1

strawberry licious hot chocolate  2

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