• Wow! You can read all you want about this type of combat, but until you see something like this, it is hard to comprehend what it is like. I am in awe of all these men. Thank you to all who serve.


  • It’s not only “hard to comprehend” , it’s impossible unless it’s happened to you. By the time you hear the CRACK of the rounds coming at you it’s too late as they have already missed you and passed you by. You will never hear the one that gets you. Muzzle velocity of an AK is about 2000 mph or roughly 3x the speed of sound.
    USMC, Foxtrot 2-3, 3rdMarDiv, RVN, ’68-’69


  • Yes, as always indeed, thank you to all who serve.


  • WOW, the actual real world on display here!!! Very good to see on site that’s more concerned about birds, butterflies and cooking! Long way from your kitchens GMG. We owe all armed forces a huge thank you.


  • Very hard to watch and they are trying to flank them here for sure! Sounded like a gunship came in for support highfire power clear the way. The way they are making cut’s now to those who have served is (CS)…also!


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