Iain Kerr Speaks at Launch of Vortex Project


Iain Kerr Speaks at Launch of Vortex Project with

Paul Watson and Pharrell Williams

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 9.25.20 AM

Ocean pollution met fashion this weekend at the launch of the Vortex Project – a collaboration between Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Bionic Yarn and Cookies for All to turn ocean debris into recyclable fashion. The New York Fashion Week event was held at the American Museum of Natural History under the blue whale with press, fashion industry professionals and celebrities gathered to learn about the first project of the collaboration — Raw for the Oceans, a line of blue jeans with partners G-Star.

Ocean Alliance CEO Iain Kerr was invited to join the lineup of speakers to talk about our work in the collection of data concerning the invisible pollutants that collect in the bodies of marine mammals and ultimately humans. He described the oceans as the blue heart and blood of this planet – the life support system, “And as any NASA astronaut knows, when life support goes down, all is lost.”



  • Love it


  • Always a good cause and observing the whales and other sea-creatures many times will tell you the health of the ocean and polution concerns…Rule one bring out or take it, bring it in and dispose of properly – don’t leave for others to deal with (Thanks Paul) The old timers preached this all the time and if you did not listen and they caught you expect them to correct you own the spot. 🙂


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