Fried Ravioli with Sunday Pasta Sauce



My Son BJ has a heart of gold and is always the first to share whatever he has with those around him, but when it comes to my homemade Fried Ricotta Cheese Filled raviolis’…Watch Out!   For recipe details click see more

Fried Ravioli served with Sunday Sugu Dipping Sauce


2 large eggs

¼ cup milk

24 fresh ravioli

3 cups Sicilian Style Breadcrumbs (recipe featured on pg. 201, in my Cookbook “Gifts Of Gold”)

3½ cups La Spagnola oil

2 cups warm Sunday Pasta Sauce (recipe featured on pg. 72 in my cookbook “Gifts Of Gold”


1  whisk eggs and milk together in glass pie plate; reserve milk bath


2  mound Sicilian Style Breadcrumbs on flat clean work sauce

3 working in small batches; dip each ravioli in milk bath; coat all sides; immediately transfer to breadcrumbs




4  cover ravioli with bread crumbs; transfer to clean flat surface arranged in single layer


5  heat oil in large fry pan over high heat; add 8-12 breaded ravioli  to  hot oil (do not overcrowd the pan (ravioli will expand as they fry)


6  fry 2-3 minutes per side until golden in color; remove with long kitchen tongs; cool on wire rack lined cookie sheet



Note~  as your frying keep a close eye out for breaking Ravioli. If ravioli happens to break open releasing the cheese filling into the oil, immediately scoop out the oozing cheese and broken ravioli  from the pan

7  arrange Fried Ravioli on serving platter with bowl of warmed Sunday Sugu; serve  immediately


Note~ Delicious served with Roasted Tomato Soup




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