Happy Valentines Day Testosterone, Love Estrogen


kiss my ass sugar cookies (50)

Learn how to easily create my “Kiss My Butt Valentine Cookies” by following Step-By-Step decorating tips, click see more


Sugar Cookie Dough  (I recommend using your own favorite recipe)

1 batch Royal Icing

1 bag Valentine Mellowcream mix  Candy; by Gold Emblem (sold at CVS)

Royal Icing Ingredients

3 egg whites

2  lbs. confectioners sugar

1  teaspoon pure vanilla or lemon extract (flavoring choice should be determined by flavor of cookie and your taste preference)

Wilton food coloring

Note~ I like to make all my colored icings before I begin decorating and usually have 3-5 different colors in separate disposable Wilton pastry bags. Each are fitted with a #2 tip, cornidating cuffs. Food coloring, disposable pastry bags, tips, cuffs, and food colorings all can be purchased at most major craft and party supply stores, and Goodwin Party Shop in Gloucester.


1 place all icing ingredients except food coloring, in bowl of stand mixer fitted with wire whisk attachment; whisk on low speed 30 seconds; add water slowly increase speed gradually to medium high; whisk 1-2 minutes until icing is glossy and thick ( check for correct consistency by pulling a spoon through frosting making a line; then begin counting; line should disappear by the count of # 10-12 for correct consistence)

2 separate icing into small bowls; add and thoroughly mix in desired food colorings

3 secure #2 Wilton brand piping tip and cuff to disposable pastry bags; fill with colored royal icing; release air from bag; twist and secure open end of bag closed; will keep refrigerated 2 days

Cookie Decorating


1 roll your favorite cookie dough 1/4 inch in thickness

kiss my ass sugar cookies (9)

2 cut heart shapes using 4 inch heart shaped cookie cutter; cut pointed side of heart off; transfer to parchment lined cookie sheet; chill 15 minutes before baking; follow your favorite sugar cookie dough baking instructions; cool completely before decorating

kiss my ass sugar cookies (16)

kiss my ass sugar cookies (18)

kiss my ass sugar cookies (19)

3 using light colored food coloring marker, sketch design

kiss my ass sugar cookies (39)

4 using desired color icing outline bikini bottom

kiss my ass sugar cookies (45)

5 fill in outline with icing

kiss my ass sugar cookies (47)

kiss my ass sugar cookies (48)

6 carefully shake cookie on flat surface, this motion will help move icing into place without air pockets (this technique is called flooding icing, the Wilton company has a video tutorial online); rest cookies 5 minutes before placing decorative sugar hearts or piping royal icing polka dots

kiss my ass sugar cookies (52)

kiss my ass sugar cookies (54)

7  pip a dot of matching royal icing to back side of Valentine Mellocreame lip Candy, gently press and  fix onto cookie;  allow decorated cookies to dry 12 hours




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18 Responses to Happy Valentines Day Testosterone, Love Estrogen

  1. Now there’s a cookie made with love. Very creative.

  2. Disgusting. Sista, don’t become like the rest of them. :)

  3. Had to laugh. I copied this recipe into an application for future reference. The particular application won’t show photos so in place of the photos it pasted in the photo names. LOL – a much more colorful name than the one you elected for the recipe. No need to post this…

  4. S.D. Kelly says:

    Awesome job. I am inspired!

  5. Bill Langer says:

    Does the Pope know about this?

  6. saint707 says:

    Very cute and creative! I got a good chuckle out of your cookies. What a fun poke, Sista. Lol.

  7. Craig Kimberley says:

    Ok, Ok….I see what’s going on here! Your excited about Bikini n Thong dodge ball coming up month, and you wanted to make a statement!!! Bravo! Love you, and you sweet ass cookies!

  8. deenoble says:

    Zak asked if he was going to be allowed to eat one of the butt kissing cookies?

  9. Great idea, very clever!!

  10. Dave Moore says:

    Now that’s a cookie design it is
    Moments To Remember – The Lettermen.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWv5zuoskJ8 :-)

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