A Magical Moment Just Occurred in my Kitchen


… this share is for all who know the story behind why I hosted my First St. Joseph Altar last year… yesterday while driving to my Cousin Amy’s baby shower my mother Pat,  Aunt Gina Ciaramitaro and I set a schedule for this years St. Joseph’s Day preparations, activities and Feast. Opening your home and hosting a feast for a small army takes precise orchestration and teamwork.  While at the bridal shower I announced the dates to my family members, so they could block off their calendars.  Today  I began sending private text messages to others between preparing Sunday Dinner. While I was preparing twice baked potatoes, I was texting my life long friend Michele Tocco the dates while the potatoes cooled for a moment.  At the same time I began humming to myself The St. Joseph Rosary in Sicilian.  I picked the first potato to cut, and reached for my camera to snap a shot for a future recipe post, an action I do dozens of times throughout my days cooking. I snap a shot depicting the cut, then let the potato fall open in my hand to snap a second shot of the potato halved. To my surprise 2 identical cross shapes appeared on each half…. I could feel a warmth around me.  My eyes filled with tears as I looked up towards the heavens and said out-loud…” So I guess your all happy with the dates we selected for our Families St. Joseph Festivities this year❤️

I like to think of happenings like this to be little  gifts from my guardian angels above. Thank You Grandpa & Grandma with the Wharf, Nono & Nona with the Store, Uncle Mick & Auntie FeFe  Militello  and Uncle Charlie<3


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15 Responses to A Magical Moment Just Occurred in my Kitchen

  1. So awesome.. some message from above

  2. alicia cox says:

    God bless

  3. Yes ~ that’s how it works ~ the two ~ Felicia and Joey with nourishing the day for so many ~

  4. pclbcPat says:

    They are all looking down with approval

  5. Anonymous says:

    So wonderful I do believe and I am definitely looking forward to St. Joseph thanks for sharing

  6. There are signs everywhere. You just have to be open to them.

  7. Sometimes God talks to us in very unusual ways. We have to remember to listen.

  8. Dan Davis says:

    How do you hum in Sicilian?

  9. Mary Doane says:

    What a gift you received. I got chills when I saw your pic Thank you for sharing…..and
    God Bless.

  10. deenoble says:

    This post makes me very happy! Can’t wait to celebrate with my Italian second family…..

  11. Dave Moore says:

    Very nice and thanks for sharing signs in many forms these days – God Bless the potato cross interesting :-)

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