• Patricia A. Conant

    Classic tortoise and the hair! A lot to be said for pacing yourself.


  • I’m pretty sure I watched Wottle live when he did that although I have seen it enough times that might be a misremembering. Perfectly timed high gear. 1.45, records are around 1.41 so Wottle’s time is still pretty elite. I definitely remember him on the medals stand still wearing his hat. He apologized. He was so excited he forgot he was wearing his good luck charm.

    The race went out very quickly for the first 200 m, with the two Kenyans, Boit and Ouko, pushing the pace. Wottle lagged far behind the rest of the field for the first 300 m, only catching up to the pack around the end of the first lap; the leaders went through the first 400 m in 52.3 seconds. Yevgeniy Arzhanov, the pre-race favorite, made a strong move on the final backstretch, and with only 18 m remaining seemed to have clinched the victory; Wottle’s final burst of speed, however, brought him across the line nine inches (23 cm) ahead of Arzhanov, who stumbled and fell in the final step of the race.
    Few had expected Wottle, who had suffered tendinitis in his knees earlier that summer, to defeat Arzhanov, as the Soviet had not lost an 800 m final in four years, and the American win over their Cold War rivals added extra drama to an already exciting race; Wottle himself was so surprised at winning the race that he forgot to remove his golf cap when the U.S. national anthem was played at the medal ceremony. When reporters later asked him if his failure to remove the cap, a good luck charm which he always wore while racing, was a protest against the Vietnam War, Wottle replied that he had merely forgotten and formally apologized to the American people.[1]


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