Sista’s Favorite Kitchen Gadget Of The Week

PrintYes I’m always on the hunt for a new kitchen gadget that can help make my job in the kitchen a little easier.  Thousands are sold every year, and  I’m sure hundreds have experienced buying a dud that eventually ends up in the back of a kitchen draw or cabinet.  I find it extremely exciting when I  find gadgets that actually works, making a culinary task a breeze.  Several years ago I purchased a tool that not only saves me time but makes my food look as if it  were prepped in a commercial kitchen.

Have you ever wanted this professional look at home ? 

mandolin gmg post 2

With this tool you can …

mandolin post gmg 1

This week I have fallen in love all over again with my trusty old standard Mandoline.  I have been cooking up French Fries and Onion Rings for the  family to enjoy as aside dish and afternoon snack.  Recently I purchased a small hand held red Mandoline at Marshalls.  It’s my newest Love to use gadget when making small salads or Mini Potato Au Gratin!

If you enjoy cooking but not the task of cutting, I highly recommend both the handheld, and standard Mandoline!

Note~ Be very carful when operating a Mandoline….Follow manufactures instructions at all times, and  always use the safety shield when cutting



  • I bought a really nice Mandoline at a Pampered Chef party about 10 years ago and never even opened the box, I have now moved 3 times in that time period and moved it with me each time. I thought to give it away as a present many times, but kept thinking, no, I’ll use it, I’ll use it. Now your post has inspired me, I will open it this weekend and read the instructions to learn how not to cut myself. I know, I’ll use it for one of your awesome cookbook recipes, then it’s a two-fer and I’ll send you a pic! Thanks!


  • I have one of the black ones just like that. It is so useful.


  • I have a black one like yours too..the first time I used it I shaved the top of my finger off..Nope, I was a smart ass and didn’t use the shield… never again!


  • I need to get one of these


  • I have been a victim of the shield myself – but can’t beat it for all your needs when it comes gagets to a Chef are a must and you know your items for sure (I am a rookie)! 🙂


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