If you like oysters you will be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t make a beeline to Halibut Point

Ive been missing out on this local insider gem for far too long.

But no more!  No more my friend!  No MORE!  The tide has turned!  A new day hadf dawned.  The sleeping giant has been awoken! 

A believer has been born!

Get your ass down to Halibut Point ASAP.  Order the oysters.  Relish in how tremendous they are and thank your boy Joey for finally getting to showcasing what must have been one of the biggest oversight of oversights in decades!!!


  • You’re lying… I don’t believe you. How is it possible that you’ve never had oysters at Halibut? Next time drop a couple in a bloody mary.


  • Oysters ~ such a Chesapeake bay Maryland thing! Tradition here is ~ you only eat oysters during the months with an “R”. Thinking you are eating from the shell ~ do try a oyster stew and or fried oysters. Gotta say ~ given the choice ~ I would choose a lobster roll above all but a good fried oyster could edge out a fried clam ~ enjoy brave man. Now I gott ask ~ did you chew or swallow?


  • Yes, I’ve had them there – the best around!


  • There are many, many oyster farms in production from the Cape up thru Maine and Southern Canada that offer safe, yummy oyster all year long! We serve three different varieties a day! Raw oysters in New England are safe and available all year long now! Don’t miss out! I’m not from the Halibut but am in the restaurant industry over the border in N.H. – Cheers!


  • Hey Joey,
    So glad you corrected this omission! Halibut Point a great local joint–I’m not an oyster fan (dare I say it?), but they also have fabulous Cherrystones, which I love—and don’t forget the wonderful burgers, chili, and grilled fish—not to mention Jack and the rest of the staff. A gem!


  • It’s all about information exchange for those who love the oyster fan…thanks 🙂


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