Larz Anderson Auto Museum

Nichole Schrafft follows up-

I included the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline on my list of places to visit the other day. Ironically, today, Amazon Local has it listed as one of its “deals.” They’re offering year-long memberships….$15 for a single membership and just $25 for a family of four. The membership includes admission to the museum all year long, but also the lawn events (which look like a nice way to spend a spring or summer afternoon) and member only events…plus more! They are said to be “America’s oldest car collection” and the museum sits within the 64 acre Larz Anderson Park…which also looks like like a lovely place to spend a few hours. If you were thinking that you might like to check it out even once, buying the membership at this discounted rate is a no brainer!! Besides, you may bump into the Schraffts there…which is clearly an added bonus.


  • Thanks for the well researched list Nichole, great places to go, with kids or without. I used to go to Larz Anderson fairly often when I lived in Newton and my son was young. The park has beautiful and unusual views of Boston, and it is a great place to fly a kite. The car collection includes some amazing vehicles from all eras, and the shows on the lawn are often quirky and always interesting.


  • Thanks, Greg! I am really looking forward to taking the boys to one of the lawn events as spring nears! You can’t beat the price for sure!


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