What would you like when it’s all over?

Personally This creeps me out. But I think it would be fun to see what our contributors would want if they choose something like this man did.

At the moment mine would be easy.  Toast me and toss me over the State Fish Pier so I can float around Joey’s Dock for a few years.


From ABC News,
By Liz Fields;

An Ohio motorcycle enthusiast’s family has carried out their father’s long-laid and elaborate funeral plans, that were 18 years in the making.

Billy Standley, 82, of Mechanicsburg, Ohio, was buried Friday, embalmed atop his 1967 Harley Davidson and encased in a giant plexiglass casket.

A couple of hundred people turned up at the funeral which was held outside so all of Standley’s biker friends could attend, two even arriving riding their own motorcyles.

Standley, who died of lung cancer on Sunday, began his own funeral arrangements 18 years ago when he approached David Vernon of Vernon Funeral Homes with his quirky idea.

“At that time I didn’t know to take him seriously or not,” said Vernon, who realized as conversations progressed over several years that this was something “very important” to Standley.



  • Good for him; he’s wearing his helmet.


  • If it’s his wishes so be it…You would be surprised what some take with them in other ways!


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  • From about 1978 to 1989 I commuted to Westboro with 3 other guys from the North Shore. The senior member announced his desire to be cremated and then for his ashes to be sucked out the vent window of a car driving down Rt 128 during a typical days trip.


  • I’m torn between being dry rubbed and smoked, and buried in a gold plated smoker…yep that’s sounded gross. Orrrr, perhaps I would rather be suited up and buried in a sweet ass F1 race car!! Yes, Formula 1 car, that’s how yall need send me off!


  • Paul – what happened to my comment?


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