The Gift That Keeps On Giving…


This Weeks GMG Cook is Dee Noble.  AKA my BFF & the wife of Steve Noble from Noble Electric.  Last week Dee and I happened to be shopping at Market Basket at the same time. She asked me to give her a quick easy one dish dinner suggestion that she could prep while the kids were in school without any hesitation I  immediately recommended Pasta Bolognese dinner.   It’s hearty meat sauce can be prepared ahead and quickly warmed while the pasta boils, making it a perfect meal for mothers like Dee who’s afterschool hours are spent driving and picking up kids from their afternoon activities, while worrying about how their going to pull off getting dinner on the table at a reasonable hour.  Dee followed my Pasta Bolognese recipe featured on page 216 of my Cookbook “Gifts Of Gold In A Sicilian Kitchen With Sista Felicia, Harvest” 

Dee Noble Writes~ Ha!!!! Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan WHO????? You would be so proud of me. I even used a KNIFE to coarsely chop my onions. Instead of my usual scissor action….

dee noble Bolognese sauce

There was one very special hilarious moment during a Christmas Eve open house at my home that  Dee and I became BFF’s…click see more for a peek of that moment …

Dee Noble Writes~No words. Sista Felicia’s Mariposa…

dee towlet

Zachary emptied her whole bathroom counter into the potty. I think he was around 3 or 4. Then proceeded to wipe (happily and aggressively) his hands on her silk shantung bathroom curtains……<3….OMG. I just remember dying a thousand deaths and debating whether to confess or not. Then decided….it is what it is. And we have been besties ever since. Even he was grossed out and had to wipe his hands. Somewhere. Yikes!

dee curtains

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house after discovering Zachary’s mischief with my precious Mariposa and silk curtains. Priceless, moments and cherished memories, are truly some of life’s greatest gifts.



  • You are so funny! I am so, so happy to have another easy, delicious meal in my weekly rotation. And super surpisingly cost effective too. An entire meal plus lunch the next day for less than you can buy one order of bolognese in most restaurants. Given that my husband orders this and only this everywhere we go…we could see a nice bump in the bank account. The kids have already asked me to make it again this week for the snowstorm. If I can do it….anyone can. Renee Mitchell? Andi Butler? Are you reading this????


  • THANKS!! Excellent-Kids do the greatest things and maybe he thought it was ice fishing? Remember the Kid’s say a tribute to this area children these kids tell it like it is 🙂 !!


  • At least he wiped his hands.


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