Community Stuff 2/3/14

Dear Joey:
I’m hoping you’ll post this on Good Morning Gloucester, so we can send along this information for all Gloucester (and surrounding towns) girls in 2nd grade thru 8th grade:
The Lady Fishermen basketball teams (Varsity, JV and Freshmen squads) are hosting a three-day hoop camp for younger basketball players.  Come learn all the skills needed to become a stronger and more confident ball player.  Work with the varsity girls coach Tara Driscoll to increase your endurance and achieve your own goals in basketball!
Download the attached flyer, and mail with your check for $80 made payable to GHS Hoop Camp.
Looking for more information?  Check out our facebook page “Girls Youth Basketball of Gloucester MA” or contact Coach Driscoll
Thanks – hope to see many of you there!




Hi Joey,

I hope this e-mail finds you well. I am not sure if you remember me but we worked together on a project for “Taste of the Times” with Jackson Cannon at my home. My Aunt Terri Gallo and Uncle Gianni Gallo had also worked on the piece. I am writing to you today in the hopes that you will take a few sentences from your blog to help us better reach this community. I am so lucky to be part of the All Star Foundation for UCD. The Urea cycle disorder is a genetic disorder caused by a mutation that results in a deficiency of one of the six enzymes in the urea cycle. These enzymes are responsible for removing ammonia from the blood stream. The urea cycle involves a series of biochemical steps in which nitrogen, a waste product of protein metabolism, is removed from the blood and converted to a compound called urea in the blood. Normally, the urea is transferred into the urine and removed from the body. In urea cycle disorders, the nitrogen accumulates in the form of ammonia, a highly toxic substance, resulting in hyperammonemia (elevated blood ammonia). Ammonia then reaches the brain through the blood, where it can cause irreversible brain damage, coma and/or death. We are on our 4th annual All Star Benefit and would love it if you could mention the event and help us spread awareness. I have attached the sponsor letter and a brief history of Mary Grace (Sanfilippo) Vestal and Michael Vestal. They are both amazing parents who fight every day for this cause and their children. Michael and Marisa both have UCD, older sister Mia is a spunky, healthy, loving big sister. Michael and Grace are both from Gloucester as well as their Families. They now live in wilmington. Grace takes care of Michael and Marisa full time so she can not work. They hold this benefit to help spread awareness, talk about new born screening, and hopefully someday have a cure! They worked in clinical trials for years and last year were able to have a new drug approved by the FDA. Lets help them make this bigger and better! 

Its March 1 at the Danversport 6-10 pm and they can call or go on the website for tickets. or email me at

For info check out the Facebook page hereimage




To let everybody remember the fundraiser is on Saturday who to see everyone there Thank You Robert Trott

Hi Joey,

Would you please publicize this service … the Sargent House inadvertently left off the part where the AzOne Gospel Trio were part of the February 9th service at 10 am at the Gloucester UU Church.  I have attached both a pdf and a jpg … don’t know which would work best for you.   Thanks for all you do for us:  community; churches; businesses  ….. etc.    Karen Rembert

AzOne and Lise Breen

Judy Beavers Has Some Nice Things To Say-

Hi Joey,

Just have to say it again:  Gloucester never disappoints.

Headed up with the family today, from Salem, to spend some time in Gloucester. 

Brunch at Alchemy was outstanding.  

Main St., shops – better than ever.

Turtle Alley chocolates – simply delicious.

Visit to Good Harbor Beach at sunset – priceless.

How lucky are we all! 

No place like it — anywhere.

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