If There’s a God They Won’t Let Peyton Manning Win Today


For no other reason than just wanting to put to rest any discussion with him in the same category as Tom Brady as the Best QB of all time.

It’s very simple why I want the Seahawks to win.  For the love of god I just can’t bear to listen to sports media talk about Peyton incessantly all next year.

Let him lose and let him lose decisively.

In a perfect world Richard Sherman stubs his toe on the first play of the game, Payton Manning keys on his replacement and throws 5 interceptions.

For the record I think Peyton Manning is a classy guy and a great quarterback.  I’m just sick of looking at Tom Brady’s far and away better statistics in just about every category and hearing the sports media talk about Manning as if he is even in the same category of elite QB.

Who do you want to win tonight’s Superbowl?


  • I feel the same way. I like him and his older commercials.
    Would love to see a last minute interception by Sherman. GO HAWKS!


  • When it counts, that would be the playoffs, Brady’s numbers dwarf Peyton Manning’s even though he is a very good quarterback.

    “In a perfect world Richard Sherman stubs his toe on the first play of the game, Payton Manning keys on his replacement and throws 5 interceptions.”

    Yeah, I think Peyton throwing five interceptions would be the perfect Super Bowl. Let Pete Carroll call some razzle dazzle weird stunt blitz, Peyton gets crushed but he throws up a butterfly for pick six and takes his helmet off so he can pout and whine at his offensive line. That would be OK too.


  • Seahawks…… for the very reasons you mentioned. Ditto on all of your comments.


  • Win decisively, Sherman stubs toe, check. Interceptions, check. Eliminate the risk of Peyton being compared to Brady, check. Wow.


  • Live from Seattle, I am here to tell you that there are as many ecstatic fans in the streets here tonight as there were in Boston at the end of October! What a game! The Pats can take some (small) measure of relief in knowing the Hawks made Denver look worse than Denver made New England look. I wonder what kind of odds we could have gotten if we’d bet Seattle by thirty points.


  • When I came on base this morning thought it was a ghost town – Most to the folks got the day off most of them except the ones – you know who you are 7/24 that’s cannot the watch, DMZ, Police, Fire Department, Command Post, and other’s – but we have come a long ways and there are ways to watch both ! 🙂


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