Guess Where Sista is Shopping Today?

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  • Yum! My old stomping grounds – the North End. Although it isn’t the same now as it was in the 70’s, but Bova’s is still there.


  • And I guess we don’t have to wonder where the party will be tomorrow ~ the super bowl of Felicia Fine Food ~ ;).


  • Paul Morrison & RD

    Bovas Bakery! I lived on Hull and Sheafe Street a stone’s throw away. I was there 74-76. Maybe I walked by EJ.


  • We were at the Garden, not too far away, love the North End


  • Lot’s of changes I suspect now but back in the day 60’s – Mom told me Rent was about $60 a month in those days. Everybody knew everybody used to walk around a bit that way with mom as kids, she worked at a store when I was a baby Somerville 50’s before moving to lanesville 1957.

    And who could forget the the famous commerical (Prince Spaghetti) with Anthony and his mom yelling out the window Powers Court.

    Very good indeed :-)


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