Four Cheese Super Bowl Potato Skins


final potato

 Only four key ingredients needed to make a winning touchdown recipe…

Bacon, Cheese, Potatoes  and Chives…

Four Cheese Potato Skins


1 5 lb. bag Russet Potatoes

2 tablespoons Crisco All-vegetable shortening

1  tablespoon Atlantic SaltWorks Flake Finishing Salt

3 cups Shredded Mexican Four Cheese

10 slices bacon; cooked and finely chopped

¼ teaspoon freshly ground pepper

10 chive cut into 1/8 inch pieces

2 cups sour cream


1 wash and dry Russet Potatoes; place small dab Crisco onto each potato; using hands, gently massage Crisco over skin of each potato; place on cookie sheet


2 season with salt; bake 35 minutes in preheated 400° oven until fork tender


3 remove potatoes from oven; slice in half; using a grapefruit spoon scrape flesh of potato from each half reserve potato flesh in separate bowl (be sure to leave 1/4 inch flesh in skin); place hollowed potato half’s right side down on cookie sheet; bake hollowed skins 8 minutes in 400 degree oven



poto skins (4)

poto skins (10)

i phone photos 399

Note~ Make Smoky Mashed Potatoes with reserved potato flesh Recipe link…

4 remove potatoes from oven; turn right side up; filled with shredded cheese and top with bacon pieces

poto skins (1)

Note~ can be prepared to this point; cover and store in refrigerator until ready bake and serve

5  bake prepared potato skins in preheated 400° oven; 10 -15 minutes until cheese bubbles and bacon crisps; scatter chives over top; serve with sour cream

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4 Responses to Four Cheese Super Bowl Potato Skins

  1. You make everything look so easy! And delicious!

  2. this one looks amazing as all of your recipes.. printing it for the grocery store

  3. happy me says:

    why is Barry not fat? or does the food only effect his fantasy football skills? these are awesome looking, bookmarked and printed!
    thank you, thanks

  4. Dave Moore says:

    Many years in the tradition of cooking – and we are reaping the benefits of the posts – thank you very much :-)

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