“LMAO!!!” From Rick Anderson – This is the kind of email that makes it all worthwhile.



I’ve been reading GMG for a couple of years now. (maybe even three). I’m originally from Gloucester and only visit once in a while to visit my wife’s relatives. She’s a Scola. I listened today to your pod cast for the first time and almost fell on the floor laughing so hard. I loved it. In response to some of your themes I would like to give my opinion. I have an asshole so therefore I have an opinion. The comment that the blog is going soft may be true but so what if it is? It’s your blog. If I don’t like it (and I love it) I’ll go somewhere else. I’m just an outside voyeur looking in on life from your point of view. You blog helps me keep in touch with the town I grew up in and love, Gloucester. I like how it changes from time to time and how it tends to meander based on what’s going on in the lives of your contributors. I remember Toby form HS and also his brother Barry. It’s nice to see people I used to know on your blog.

In regards to Donna or you posting pics of you kids and grandkids go for it and the hell with everyone else. It’s your blog not mine or anyone else’s like me who’s too dam lazy to start their own. In fact I like seeing the up and personal family pics. The comment that Sista Felicia was “marketing” her own book provokes this response from me “duh!”. Of course she has the right to do a bit of self-promoting on your blog. Do you know why? Because it’s your blog! I like the recipes and will most likely be buying the book for my wife. On a side note Sista Felicia should be on one of those cable cooking channels with her own show. Maybe you should take the next step and get her a producer and do a pilot. There’s no show out there that does Italian (Sicilian) cooking. I think it would be a hit.

The new format with the “read more” link to shorten the need to scroll is very nice though as you said it wasn’t a big deal scrolling through the pages. Fred Bowden’s pic of old time Gloucester is fantastic. I’d love to see more of them.

As a bit of constructive encouragement one thing I’d like to see is when you post pictures of people it would be nice to have their names. So many of us have changed in our appearance over the years it would help us who have been away from Gloucester put a name with a face. I know it can be done in all cases but if you could I and my wife would appreciate it. In the end keep doing what your hear tells you and to hell with the nay-sayers. It’s easy to tear things apart. It takes hard work to build something good. Keep up the good work since you are my only real connection that I have to Gloucester.


Rick Anderson

Hampton, NH 03842

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  • Hi, cousin! It’s been a long time. Sounds like you are alive and well in N H. I agree with your post 100%! I’m back on Rocky Neck. Stop by when you’re in town!!


  • Rick hit the nail right on the head.


  • This guy has it right. Fuck all you haters that think that gmg has become a platform to sell. I don’t see any GoodMorningimanannonymousassholepusssy.com blogs out there. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. If you want to contribute, ask. Otherwise, shut up. The city of Gloucester should be paying Joey a lump some each year. It doesn’t. Owners from businesses like The Cave, Passports, Duckworths, and every other downtown small business and restaurant are thanking Joey and his contributors for all GMG has done to their bottom line. And you, you anonymous, lazy POS, that probably works 35 hours a week and spends half that time reading websites like GMG while wasting your day at the desk have nothing better to do then Bitch about something like pimping a cookbook or being a proud grandmother and posting pics. Step back and think about the time, effort and creativity it takes for posts on gmg that come DAILY amd FOR FREE. You CHOOSE to read GMG. Do you pay for it? NO. so if you don’t like it, find something else to do while eating you frosted donut and sipping coffee while at your desk. To Joey and all your contributors: keep doing what you’re doing. Keep entertaining, keep educating, and keep laughing. Keep selling…..for promoting what you sell only supports Gloucester….which is why WE all read amd LOVE the blog….


    • Thanks. I dont mind constructive criticism. But lots of the remarks were obviously from folks drinking the haterade. There were also some that had some merit. In the end the blog is better for it but I just couldn’t let the ridiculous statements go.


  • 🙂 By working faithfully eight hours a day, you may eventually get to be a boss and work twelve hours a day. -ROBERT FROST, American poet and winner of four Pulitzer Prizes


  • Class of ’70?


  • absolutely right rick!!!


  • Great letter and thank you, Joey is right, they must be drinking the haterade..


  • I agree with Richard, and I could easily understand times of reflection, after tens of thousands of hours of keeping GMG going. Now, us silent voyeurs have come to expect it, but the truth is, it’s yours and has to hold relevance for you to mean anything. In a not so small way, you are a change-agent for Gloucester. We may be silent, Joey, but we are behind you, and thank you every day for GMG. – Barry O’Brien


  • Right on Rick! I’m so grateful for the work and love everyone puts into this blog. Keep being yourselves.


  • Well said Rick! Anytime anyone needs to know what is going on in town you can find it here… I’m very thankful for all the great contributors .. all the beautiful pictures…historic info about cape ann and delicious cooking…keep doing what you do ,,this blog is great:)


  • As Rick did I listened to the podcast while at work. Yikes, should be labeled NSFW!
    Let me explain: I was listening to it while reading email and eating an orange. So my hands were a bit occupied only hitting the delete key for junk-mail and after Kim spoke so softly I really cranked the sound up on my nice JBL speakers up to eleven so I could hear Kim.

    Just then Joey get to the Fuck You and the horse you road in on Fuck him too. I started laughing at about the tenth Fuck you and I get an orange slice stuck in my throat so now I am laughing and practically coughing up a lung and I swivel in my chair to see if I could maybe puke a lung into a waste basket I see four of my staff standing in my office door.

    Yeah, a not safe for work NSFW label, I would have gone with the headphones.


  • (“Quarere Verum”Seek the Truth”). “The Box, a figure of speech or is it? The old saying, think outside of the box to me this is a misnomer as boxes are created to control. I prefer don’t create a box and you do not have to think outside of it. Believe me when I say this during team building, leadership, and supervisory meetings. I caught allot of grief. I do think it has more to do with control than teaming.” “Learning from all Each day on the path of life, through other’s wisdom-teachings -Dave Moore


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