Checking In With Those Who Joined The Dollar Shave Club

A couple months back I ran out of my supply of razor blades and went to buy new ones and just couldn’t bring myself to pay what they charge for Gillette razorblades.  I tried the top of the line CVS brand disposable blades only to gash the shit out of my face

see pic below-

The CVS brand razors provided far and away the worst shaving experience of my life.  Then Rick Doucette suggested The Dollar Shave Club which forever changed my shaving experience. The razors were far cheaper, more substantial than the Gillette razors, more comfortable, total no brainer to me.  Huge Fan.

So I know a bunch of you signed up.  Two months in, are you still as happy with your decision to try the Dollar Shave Club as I am?

Click here if you want to sign up too



  • Check out the Art of Shaving!


  • I enjoyed the dollar shave club razors, however I will be returning to the Gillete razors because my face was still getting cut up from these razors. The dollar shave club is much more cost effective, but I guess I have to spend an arm and a leg to keep my precious face looking good. I need to keep this arm candy looking good!


  • i signed up for the low end razor because I have a very light beard. The blades are fine, but the handle cracked after a couple of weeks. I will be cancelling soon.


  • I also got fed up with the price of blades (for me it was a Mach 3 for years) a few months back. Thought of doing the Dollar Shave Club but instead went old-school.

    Bought one of these ….

    and this “trial pack”
    which gives you a total of 35 blades in different combinations to try.

    The razor seems expensive but you only have to buy that once. The savings come in the cost of the blades. That 35 trial pack listed above …. $10.50. If you change your blade say once a week, that’s $10 for over 1/2 year!

    I was a little skiddish at first thinking I’d be bleeding more than Joey’s initial CVS picture but have only had one bad cut and that was just due to rushing and shaving as you might with a cartridge (scrape, scrape, scrape) as opposed to how you should really do it with a DE (double-edge) razor, i.e. let the blade do the work and keep it wet.

    Since moving back to the DE razor, I’d have to say I’ve had the best shaves ever. Smooth all day.


  • Gillete at market basket market is the best value. Joey your a sucker!!


  • Joey great video ! I use Gillete Fusion , same damn razors last me a couple months , and u have to consider I not only shave my face but my head to . I have yet to cut myself knock on wood lol .. But damn slow down on those strides no wonder why u get cut lol , be gentle … And thanks for sharing .. But I’m gonna stick to my Fusion !! Also remember it’s not the blades lol it’s the person using them .. FYI also good shaving cream helps as well…
    Peter J Lovasco


  • I found out about the dollar shave club from you and told hubby about it. He had just gone to BJ’s to buy razor blades and was still in shock from the prices. He left without any! He said “Sign me up!” So I did and he is totally satisfied with the razor, the blades, and the really really close and COMFORTABLE shave he gets from dollar shave club. He loves it! I love your blog and I am always amazed at what I can learn from it! Hubby and I thank you for sharing!


  • How else could Gillette sponsor a big football stadium without charging mucho wampum?
    I just let my grey beard grow and use it as an excuse for why women don’t want me.


  • Corrected typo’s sorry multi-tasking split screen did it again!
    As a result of this blog I am going to be looking into this also if I can figure out the weight of packages when shipped etc…As being here across the pond Non-Status of Forces Agreement retired member we are limited to 1 pound incoming and outgoing mail…And host country mail the taxes would not make it worth my while:-) Thank Capt Joe for all you and the GMG team do it does not go unnoticed I truly appreciate all the efforts and this is from within 🙂


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