Nominated for Seven Grammys!!!!!!!!!!! 

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are nominated for a Grammy award in the following categories: Best New Artist, Album of the Year, Best Rap Album, Song of the Year, Best Rap Performance, Best Rap Song, and Best Music Video.

Can’t wait to see the Grammys tonight. Will Macklemore take all?!? Who do you think will win tonight?

I filmed Macklemore and Friends live in New York City, performing “Can’t Hold Us,” this past November while a guest of my daughter Liv at the Best Buy Theatre.

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  • Wow … How’d ya like them Grammys! Oh …. what a wedding ~ that was perfect! And ~ “I’m up all night to get lucky” … Well it’s 4am ~ that song is still ringing in my head ;).


    • Macklemore’s “Same Love” wedding was simply beautiful, the highlight of the night!!! (minus Madonna’s entrance), along with Daft Punk, Nile Rodgers, Pharrell Williams, and Stevie Wonder singing “Get Lucky.”

      The super, super lows were Katy Perry and Beyonce trying to out-grind themselves (and Jay z), Ringo Star’s solo performance, the ever pitch-challenged (but gifted songwriter) Carol King, and most of the rock acts!


  • Kim – Sorry missed this one very good…I have been burnt out here working with other’s on some vry pressing issues back in USA…Carol King wrote and sug from heart like many that’s where you find the deep stuff like everything in life 🙂


  • Macklemore and Ryan Lewis first got my attention on SNL last year and I was immediately drawn to the great positive energy. However , the Grammys simply blew me away. The lyrics to Same Love and the whole wedding thing was very very cool. This is from a guy who still thinks it’s 1969!
    Rap/hip hop is really not my thing. This duo is nothing short of musical genius. Thanks for the great pictures!


    • They are extraordinary–true crossover musicians don’t come along everyday, or even every year, or ten! Especially in the hip hop rap genre, whose primary theme is the wholesale objectification of women. I find their creative spirits truly inspiring.

      And their videos are super fun!!!

      I am frankly surprised that they won as many Grammys (four) as they did because their success is entirely fan-based DIY without benefit/curse of record label, and the Grammys are all about the industry.


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