Do you Love Great Bird Paintings and Birding?

Trident gallery opening_winter meditations

Then definitely go check out the Winter Meditations exhibit at Trident Gallery, 189 Main Street.  The Opening last night was great and the work is exceptional and very exciting to be able to see right here on Main Street.  The space is wonderful and I’m just sorry it took me so long to check it out.  A fabulous addition to Gloucester’s art scene.

From Friday, January 24th, through Sunday, March 2d, Trident Gallery is proud to host a loan from the Massachusetts Audubon Museum of American Bird Art of more than 30 prints, paintings, and miniature sculptures by the renowned and important artists John James Audubon, Milton Avery, Andy Warhol, Allen James King, Robert Verity Clem, Lars Jonsson, and others. All the works of art depict bird species present on Cape Ann in winter, and their exhibition constitutes a new extension to the Cape Ann Winter Birding Weekend (Friday–Sunday, 31 January – 2 February) a festival which celebrates the winter bird life of Cape Ann, especially those Arctic species rarely encountered farther south. Sponsored by Mass Audubon and the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce, the event draws several hundred participants to hear expert presentations and embark on bus tours and a boat trip to see the birds. A birding guide for the event in past years, Director Swift has this year orchestrated the festival’s new art component at Trident Gallery.

Throughout Winter Meditations, the public is invited to respond with commentary and with contributions of their own winter meditations at (not yet live). Director Swift will share selected Meditations submitted by the public within the gallery.

Works of art by Gabrielle Barzaghi, Winston Swift Boyer, Charlie Carroll, Susan Erony, Dennis Flavin, Eileen Mueller, Joe Poirier, and Lynn Swigart will be on display during the entirety of Winter Meditations. In the final phase, Persephone’s Return, additional works of art by these and other Trident Gallery artists will take the place of the departing Mass Audubon winter bird art.

E.J. Lefavour


  • Kudo to Director Mathew Swift for a great show and turnout


  • I went today and was so impressed with both the space and the exhibit. The combination of museum pieces and contemporary work by local artists was really interesting.


  • These are some excellent paintings detail and quite a gallery for a display but the cape does that so very good anyway thank you. Got to see allot of Manship painting while doing handy workl outside grass cutting and driveway shoveling days as a young lad 🙂


  • Hello everyone, thank you for the comments! I am glad to say that the online interactive dimension of Winter Meditations is live as of this afternoon at I invite all to share their responses to the art exhibition, readings, and performances of Winter Meditations, and to share wintry meditations of your own in any medium. I look forward to what will happen, and I look forward to sharing there some of the poems, ideas, stories, and images that inspired Winter Meditations, and which others are passing along to me. Face to face is the old school way to be interactive, of course, and I’m looking forward to a lot of that as well. Our natural history and our cultural history here on Cape Ann are truly extraordinary and have brought me much joy in my life, and I’m really happy to be bringing them together at Trident Gallery this February.


    • Very nice like the words and the scenery was great on entry into the interactive site. We used to walk from Lanes Cove to Foley Cove and Halibut Point in the 60’s that was before it became a state park nice walk also thanks:-)


    • What you are doing on Main Street for the arts is really very exciting Matthew.


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