Cape Ann Museum. An Inside Look At Renovations From Bing McGilvray

Today I got an eye-opening look at the amazing renovations taking place inside the Cape Ann Museum. Curator Martha Oaks took librarian Linda Oaks, historian Mary Rhinelander McCarl and me on a guided tour through all the galleries and just about every inch of the place has been stripped bare, except for a two small rooms being used for storage. The library is doubling as cramped temporary office space but everyone is very excited about the radical changes taking place. The work is being done by Manchester firm Windover Construction and they have been very busy since the museum closed its doors last fall. I took a lot of pictures and I hope you can share a few with your readers.

Martha, Linda and Mary survey the scene:


Martha reveals how the education room is being used for storage:


The new front entrance:

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The new Fitz Henry Lane gallery:


Martha explains how some structural surprises were discovered along the way:


Changes taking place from floor to ceiling:


The cost of the project is over $5 million. Safety first:


A new space specifically for the First Order Fresnal Lens from the Thatcher Island Lighthouse:


Every inch is under construction:


Many valuable works have been sent elsewhere for safekeeping, but some are safely tucked away in this room:


No doubt it will be stunning when completed:


In six months, construction will be finished and a beautiful new Cape Ann Museum will be ready to greet the public:

photo 1photo 2aphoto 3

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Cheers ~ Bing


  • Great coverage Bing!!!


  • Well done thanks for the post and exapanding is great…:-)


  • I seem to remember a painting around the middle of a babe in arms of a woman in a funny suit and helmet being hung upstirs in the old American Legion hall for years and a whole bunch of others stored in the balcony which we never ventured unless to retrieve folding tables that were sometimes stored there. I’m sure after the recent closing and opening they have disappeared. It could be IDed by dart holes, not mine.


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