BG Brown Summed Up What Was Going To Happen In The Fishing Industry In Gloucester 4 Years Ago

This was filmed in 2010 and it’s only gotten worse. What he predicted back in 2010 is about 10 times worse 4 years later.
As I type this a fisherman just left my office. He is 52 years old and has fished his whole life. He is a stern man meaning he has no stake in what the owner of the boat may receive when he sells out his commercial fishing permits. He has only seen it get worse and worse and was telling me he has absolutely no idea what he could do for a living since all he knows is fishing.  It’s sad and it is despicable what they did when they instituted Catch Shares and privatized the ocean and fish. Before Catch Shares there were hundreds of small boats with stern men who could go out and catch 800 lbs of cod under the “Days at Sea” program. They could fish every day and because there was an 800 pound limit there were no 20-40,000 lb trips of fish on the auction to decimate the price. What was on the Fish Auction for fish was made up of lots of small boats 800 lb trips of quality day boat fish.  So you had hundreds of boats with hundreds of captains and hundreds more of stern men making a good living while barely impacting the fish stocks. Boats were being repaired, boats were buying fuel, families were being fed.  Now we have probably 80% less.
Just years later the hyper-consolidation of Catch Shares which we all knew was the inevitable result when you privatize a natural resource has decimated our fleet and the number of fishermen left standing while they most have either sold out or are trying to.

Back in 2009 I started to collect the stories and add them to a thread on Cape Ann Online as sort of a journal and record for those who might have said they didn’t see this coming. There are three pages of articles from fishermen and about how it was and has decimated our working port and independent fishermen.

Click here for the list of articles (3 pages worth)


  • Just a continuation of a plan developed in D.C. back in the 80’s to have only a few companies to control so we will look like West Coast fisheries. What has surprised them is how long it was taken because of resistance by New England Fisherman; but the stink is in the air and it is death of the Independent Fishermen .


  • No one could ever say the East Coast was surprised by the decimation of jobs via catch shares. You had the example of what happened to Alaska’s king crab fishermen years earlier. 1200 crew jobs lost.


  • This is a hard video to watch – a way of life (Tradition) changing I wish I could privide the answers I cannot but I can say some change is not good! 🙂 God Bless you!


  • Thanks for posting Joey, the conversation is important.


  • The Fisherman will continue to get the shaft until they EFFECTIVELY rally public support. Their PR effort to date stinks, it is deplorable . If they organized and committed broad acts of Civil Disobedience (tell NOAA to keep their observers and just go fish, AND manage fragile fish stock species), with the press covering such behavior, perhaps people would begin to pay attention to their plight. A bailout will do NOTHING. Then again, we’re surrounded by a “low information” electorate who has let the country go sown the rat hole in general, so I have little hope.


  • So true! Wiping out the independent fishermen isn’t a bug, it’s a feature of their plan. They are the big green mafia. I’ve been investigating and writing about them for a while, although not recently.

    I hope to get back to more investigative research and blogging soon, here are some of the articles I’ve written at Fishery Nation:


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