Sista’s Helpful Tips…Learn How To Hand Paint Sugar Cookies


My friends at Audrey’s Flower Shop asked if I could lend a helping hand by making 100 flower themed sugar cookies for their table at tomorrow’s Bridal Show scheduled to take place at Cruiseport Gloucester.   I didn’t bat an eye at the 100 cookie request but the “flower” theme had me a little worried.  I can bake all day and shape and frost cookies all night but give me a pastry bag and ask me to get fancy with it, and I’m instantly out of my comfort zone.  I turned to YouTube for a crash course in piping frosting using pastry tips and came across a video tutorial that changed my world!  After viewing the Wilton company’s  brush stroke  embroidery technique using royal icing 15 times, I decided to give it a try.  I sketched a design template and began  the process. I was instantly WOW”d! The results were amazing and I quickly learned that their ridiculously forgiving technique  was  perfect for someone like me who lacks the artistic skills needed to produce professional results when using a pastry bag.


To learn how to hand paint beautiful flowers onto sugar cookies using royal icing. 

…Click link below for Step-by Step  video …You will be amazed at how easy they are to create!


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