• I’d say you are correct, sir! There are a few that live in the neighborhood. Big, beautiful birds!


  • Isn’t this the hawk that resides in the tower of the City Hall? To my knowledge he had an affinity
    for pigeons and you could see discarded parts on Dale Ave. daily.

    Bob Quinn


    • I heard that the bird that lives at City Hall is a peregrine falcon. And yes, pigeons for lunch.


    • Carolin I. Catalano

      No, the bird on City Hall is a peregrine falcon. There have been two , but this I have only seen one. They are mostly black, with a lovely black and white abdomen. They live there only autumn through spring. They leave to have offspring.


  • We have some great hawks in our neighborhood. Not sure of species.


  • Sure looks like a red tailed hawk – beautiful captures.


  • It is a Red Tailed Hawk. There are a pair that are always on Thatcher Road near Good Harbor. I usually see them in the morning.


  • Hawks had easy picking on Tucker Street in Lanesville old house on the corner of Washington & Tucker Street loads of pigeons the sidewalk said it all. It later was turned into an Antique Store remember that well because it had an old electronic square box cigar clipper my younger brother’s tip of finger found what is this before owner could stop it cut some skin only lucky for him. :-O


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