• Not to complain, it’s a great idea, but the slot should be bigger. 99.99% by weight of US mail is junk mail. Come back one week out of town and two bins at the post office waiting to be tossed. But cool, free rubberbands!

    Canada just pulled the plug on mail service. We should too. Put the advertisement and catalog people on welfare and it would be more worthwhile than the pile of crap that comes in my mailbox (porn pun not intended.)

    Is there a way to easily opt out of the 25 catalogs that come every day? Don’t be fooled. No, there is not. If I order something on-line from a wonderful colorful catalog what on god’s green earth makes the company think I also want six pound of catalogs to be shoved in my mailbox every quarter?

    Did Paul F mention that we should put a limit on comment length? He’s right.


  • It would be much more useful if It had a weatherproof slot. That way, I could leave it right next to my mailbox saving me the trouble of walking all that crap back to the house…. Only to drag it out in a recycling bin a week later.


  • It’s a time saving idea but what a statement it makes!


  • I am all for recyling – but form my observations and actions trying to protect others I have noticed the following (warning – many people with hetic schedules – do this with far too much “personal information – This way.” I have turned in to the MPS (OurP ostal officer numerous Bank statements full information including balance, SSAN’s, DOB’s, phone number’s and addresses…Some information is just made for shredding. The old saying of another persons trash is another persons treasure – don’t want to fall victim to ID theft…:-) have a good weekend!


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